Neem Soap with Moringa Seed Oil


Like neem, moringa oil has been used for centuries for its healing properties. We grow fresh moringa “pods,” cold press them and then add the entire seed to the soap so you get both the benefits of the oil and the exfoliating properties of the seed itself.

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Moringa oil is a relative newcomer in ancient texts — not mentioned until scholars from Greece and Rome described it rather than in 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic manuscripts. Our original neem soap with moringa uses the leaves, and it’s already earning five-star reviews. This new soap uses the oil and residue from cold-pressed fresh seeds. That means you get both the benefits of the oil and the exfoliating properties of the seeds. (Like neem, beneficial qualities are concentrated in seeds which can be pressed for oil.)

Neem soap with moringa:

  • contains high levels of B vitamins as well as Vitamin C, both of which are easily absorbed through skin.
  • is packed with antioxidant properties that minimize the effects of free radicals, so it works as an anti-aging compound.
  • has anti-inflammatory properties that help minimize itchy skin and redness. That benefits both teens with non-cystic acne as well as seniors with age spots.
  • helps improve the appearance of scars.

Like all soaps from Neem Tree Farms, neem soap with moringa oil is cold-processed so that the beneficial properties of its ingredients are protected during the saponification process.


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