Neem for Ugadi 2019


Celebrate Ugadi with fresh neem branch tips.  Be sure to include the exact date you’ll need them in the comment section. Each order includes 1.5 pounds of branches about 12 inches long — treat them like cut flowers and trim an inch off each stem under water for long-lasting beauty.


This section is more for our American customers, who may not know about Ugadi and why Hindus celebrate it every year.

The neem leaf and/or flowers are typically mixed with a kind of sugar called jaggery that symbolizes life. The neem leaf, of course, is bitter and the jaggery is sweet.

Ugadi, typically held the first day of the Hindu lunar month, is the first day of the New Year that celebrates spring returning to southern India. Neem trees are in full bloom.

Unlike North America, where diseases like the flu and colds are most prevalent during the winter, tropical diseases thrive in the hot, wet days of summer.

Neem has been a part of the Hindu New Year celebration for nearly 5,000 years, as an Ayurvedic treatment for those summer ailments.

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