NimBioSys Special

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Mixing neem oil with neem soap makes them both more effective!



We’ve tried neem every way we can think of, but this is our favorite. Buy a bottle of NimBioSys at the regular price and we’ll send you a free bar of soap.

And since you’re using a tablespoon per gallon instead of an ounce, your NimBioSys goes three times as far!

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2 reviews for NimBioSys Special

  1. Linda Brownlow

    I’ve used Nimbiosys before and it worked fairly well. Now that I added the Neem soap as an emulsifier, I’m much more pleased with the results. Keeping in mind that the pest insect has to ingest the Nimbiosys in order to die, it won’t work for any pest that will not ingest it.

  2. Savitha

    I have bought 4 neem trees and have quite a number of potted plants that I need to bring indoors for winterizing. Would this product help with this? I am very pleased with my purchases from Neem Tree Farms. Thank you.

    • Vicki

      Hi Savitha,

      Is the goal to kill any insects before you bring the plants inside for the winter? Then this will work :) Unless you have major infestations now, I’d suggest a soil drench instead of a spray. Mix the neem as recommended but then pour it on the soil. The plant will take it up and it will act as a systemic pesticide. Feel free to call if you’d like to chat — my cell is 813-689-2616.

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