Neem Oral Care Package


If one product works well, three work even better!


Neem oral care products have been used for centuries — beginning thousands of years ago when people chewed the ends of neem sticks to make them into brushes. Neem Tree Farms has made the products more sophisticated — but our favorite is still the Neem Bark Toothpowder. Its first ingredient is neem bark, but we’ve added cinnamon and cloves as well as baking soda and diatomaceous earth (highly bio-available minerals your teeth can absorb while you brush).

For even longer-lasting neem oral care, try our mouthwash too. It comes in either peppermint or cinnamon flavors (we like the cinnamon best) and it’s super-concentrated so you don’t have to pay to ship water across the country. We think alcohol is best in glass, but you can mix two ounces of mouthwash with six ounces of water. (And if you’re wondering why we put xylitol in our mouthwash, check out this link.) We avoid glycerine — found in most alcohol-free mouthwashes like the plague — it’s basically an oily sweetener, the last thing you want to leave in your mouth from an oral care perspective.

Neem Toothpaste comes from our co-opetition (we’ve been working together for more than 20 years so we’ve seriously discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a toothpaste in an oral care package). Personally, I’m perfectly comfortable with the toothpowder and mouthwash, but there are definitely people out there who expect to wake up to neem toothpaste that fizzes.

This specially priced package gives you the opportunity to try all three and see which you like best. And feel free to ask for a neem chew stick sample, we didn’t include it in the neem oral care package but we’ll be delighted to send you one to try!

Purchased individually, the products in our neem oral care package have a retail value of $46.67 but it’s only $36.99 when purchased together as an oral care package — and shipping is free through Dec. 20.



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