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We started this business as gardeners so we know first-hand what a difference neem can make to our plants and our health. We’ll pack nearly everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors and wake up feeling clean and fresh the next day in one big box:

  • 8oz of NimBioSys™ Neem Oil Biological Insecticide – enough to make up to 20 gallons of neem spray or soil drench (except to Alaska, where we can ship cold-pressed neem oil)
  • Two pounds of slow-release Neem Cake
  • A 4oz Botanical Outdoor Spray
  • An 8-ounce bottle of our best-selling Anti-Itch Formula to help soothe bites and scratches
  • Two bars of Neem,  Aloe & Honey Soap (use some as a natural emulsifier in your neem spray)
  • Two ounces of our Anti-Itch Stick to help relieve minor aches and pains particularly in your hands, knees and feet.

It’s a $75.93 value for just $59.99 including shipping.

(And ask for free seeds from some of our favorite non-neemy plants including native and tropical milkweed, Everglades tomatoes, candlestick senna, beautyberry and native salvias in pink or red.)


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