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Six-Way Neem Capsules combine six types of neem — including both supercritical and hydrophilic (water-based) extracts of the leaf and the bark  — to ensure that you get the strongest, most effective neem capsule available anywhere in the world.

Although we’ve been growing and selling neem since 1992, we’re constantly amazed that researchers around the world continue to find new uses for it. (Learn more at the National Institutes of Health library.) * Six-Way Neem Capsules, first of their kind in the world, play up neem’s multiple uses by combining:

  • supercritical extract of both leaf and bark (learn more about supercritical extraction)
  • hydrophilic extract of leaf and bark (compounds extracted with water, which are generally believed to be more bio-available than raw materials)
  • raw neem leaf and bark, just in case we missed something important.

Formulation Based on 20 Years of Research

The thinking is based on more than two decades of following clinical studies on neem’s multiple uses. With more than 100 individual constituents in neem leaf and bark, they have separate and distinct effects on the body. This would also explain the incredibly diverse uses of neem in tropical countries, as noted by common names like “nimbati syasthyamdadati” – to give good health – “nature’s drugstore,” “the village pharmacy” and “panacea for all diseases” in its native India. * In Africa, where neem often grows wild, it is known as “mwarubaini,” which means 40 cures in Swahili. *

There’s still an enormous amount of research to be completed on the internal use of neem. The actions of some constituents have been identified but the impact of others are not documented in clinical reports. Some compounds are concentrated in either the leaf or the bark. Others may be more effectively extracted using water or carbon dioxide under high pressure. While there is some clarity on which extraction method works best for which compound, there is still very little information on which compound is most effective for the diverse issues neem is used to treat. * We’ve also included the raw neem leaf and bark to ensure that the full spectrum of neem’s active compounds are incorporated in our neem capsules. *

INGREDIENTS: 5 mg supercritical neem leaf, 3 mg supercritical neem bark, 200 mg hydrophilic neem leaf extract, 150 mg hydrophilic neem bark extract, 50 mg neem leaf, 30 mg neem bark.

Learn more at our blog, “Which neem capsule is best for me?”

90 caps.

*These statements are based on clinical reports published at the National Institutes of Health library but have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


1 review for Six-Way Neem Capsules — Buy Two, Get One Free!

  1. treebhouse

    This is one of my favorite Neem products, and I like them all! Thanks for the August BOGO, I stocked up. It helps me in So many ways, but I was thrilled a rash on my hairline was gone after a month’s use! nothing else had worked, and I tried everything! It’s always a pleasure doing business with you wonderful folk!

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