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One of the reasons neem has become so popular in America is the long tradition in Ayurveda that uses neem for everything from leprosy to bug bites. It’s naturally packed with antioxidants and contains high levels of long-chain fatty acids and glycerides mean it quickly soaks into skin where it is most effective.

Skincare Essentials, valued at $72.92 but priced at just $59.99 including shipping, includes everything you need to see a difference in your skin!

  • 1 Facial Serum
  • 1 Neem Cream
  • 1 Facial Cleanser
  • 1 2oz Anti-itch Formula
  • 1 Neem Oil Lotion
  • 1 Neem Bark Soap
  • 1 Neem, Aloe & Honey Soap

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