Supercritical Neem Extract

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Supercritical neem extracts are made using a sophisticated process that results in a highly concentrated and extremely effective extract with no residue.

We offer four different types of supercritical neem in its raw liquid form. Typical dosage is three drops per day for an adult, or one drop for each 25 pounds a dog weighs. Formulas include:

  • Supercritical neem leaf, the part of the tree most often used as a medicinal herb with high levels of flavinoids and antioxidants
  • Supercritical neem bark with enhanced immune-boosting compounds
  • Supercritical neem bark with essential oil of peppermint, to make a better-tasting tea than neem alone
  • Supercritical neem bark and leaf combined, for people who aren’t sure which formula would be best for them.

Using Supercritical Neem Extracts

Supercritical extracts are created when herbs and carbon dioxide are placed under such intense pressure that the gas becomes liquid. The pressurized liquid extracts the herb’s active ingredients. This extraction process is far more effective than the other methods used. One benefit is that it extracts a more complete spectrum of the herb’s compounds. This is particularly important with a herb like neem, for which more than 100 separate compounds have been identified. The final product is also extremely concentrated, so you get better dosing and much smaller pills. Supercritical extraction also eliminates residues of alcohol or hexane used in other extraction processes.

This supercritical extract requires 50 pounds of neem to create just one pound of extract, so it’s been diluted with sesame oil to make it easier to handle.

Most people will see results with just three drops of SC extract once a day, although the dose can be doubled for 30–60 days. For best results, stir the SC extract into a cup of boiling liquid—you can use coffee or water—and allow it to cool slightly. Then stir again to ensure that the oils are thoroughly blended instead of floating on top. The sweetener of your choice will help to mask neem’s bitter taste.

SC neem extract can also be used topically to help reduce minor inflammation and soothe dry itchy skin.

For animals, use about one drop per 25 pounds daily. For our dogs, we put the drops on treats that we feed them.

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