Three Soap Special

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Try all three of our new soaps at a special price for a limited time!


Moving to an all-natural neem soap line really opened our eyes to the options for making artisan soaps!

Botanical products like moringa and papaya — and neem and aloe, of course¬† — each bring specific benefits to our soap.

One each of:

Neem Papaya Soap
Neem Soap with Moringa
Neem Soap with Neem Charcoal

2 reviews for Three Soap Special

  1. Norma Tolliver

    Love these soaps. With dry skin all over except face, these keep my skin more flexible and not scaley and dry (at 67). Oily face but, same result. I also put my Neem powder into capsules and take daily.

  2. Heidi

    I ordered the three soap special and i am over the top happy with the product. I really love the charcoal soap, its gritty and fun!
    I also bought the new two shampoo special and am very pleased with the result, my hair is so much more manageable and no more dandruff!
    I am a very happy customer :)

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