Still no seeds — but lots of great specials!

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Fresh neem seeds are in a FedEx box heading to Florida — but for some reason that’s totally beyond my conception they sent them economy shipping rather than overnight so they won’t be here until Wednesday or Thursday. Considering the heat wave across most of the country, we’ll keep the neem seeds refrigerated over the weekend and mail them on Monday. (We’ll get ours in the ground on Thursday though — we’ve been set up to plant neem seeds since the first of the month, so we should have sprouts pretty shortly.) In the meantime, the larger trees are loving this monsoon weather — it’s raining as I write — so they look better than ever!

For some reason we haven’t quite figured out, we’ve been selling more of our other plants than neem trees. We’re doing great on holy basil — it’s still shorter than we usually ship but has a fabulous root system. The betel  and brahmi love the rain we’ve been having so they’re growing like weeds. We sold out of ashwagandha and gotu kola so we’ve planted more that should be ready to ship soon.

July specials include what’s becoming a top-selling product (check the reviews) because this clinically proven neem cream has made such a difference in people’s skin — some say visible differences overnight. I’m focusing on my neck with it and the Stream2Sea sunscreen because that’s where I see the most damage. (Who puts sunscreen under their neck — but if you don’t, check out this article on why you should!)

We also put all our soap on sale because we’re back in stock on all the “flavors,” including a brand-new papaya soap that works like a gentle chemical exfoliant so your skin is brighter and lighter.

And finally, if you don’t already love our neem oil conditioner as much as we do, now is the time to try it. This time of year, when I know I’m going to be in the sun, I put a thin layer on and leave it for protection for the sun. The pups love it too — it gives them a light layer of neem that smells good without requiring the baths Shar-Pei dread so much I have to drag them outside when they see me near the heated hose.

Have a fabulous weekend — we always say warm rain is a wonderful thing even if we have tadpoles living in our sidewalk!

P.S. — Don’t forget August 4 is our next Open Garden. We’re collecting seeds on the gorgeous dwarf poinciana now!


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