Giant African Snails — NOT!!!

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We’ve gotten a number of calls over the last few weeks from people concerned about Giant African Snails found in South Florida. We’re delighted to report that we’re hundreds of miles away from the closest reported sighting and those areas are under strict quarantine to limit their spread across the state. I seldom say never, but there’s no way we could mistakenly ship a giant snail with a plant from our greenhouses in Central Florida.

I absolutely understand the concern though. These critters are the stuff of nightmares for any gardener. They grow to be up to 8-inches long, destroy more than 500 kinds of plants and carry nasty diseases. And if they can’t find enough plants to eat, they munch through stucco and concrete :(

We’re obviously following the news carefully but they do appear to be safely contained on the other side of the state. We’ll keep you updated if that changes — probably because we’ll be under quarantine too! 


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