August 3 Open Gardens

 In General

Open Gardens, August 3, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Neem Tree Farms, 602 Ronele Drive, Brandon, 33511

It’s hot and rainy here so our gardens and greenhouses look like jungles! The firebush is exceptional this year and it’s covered in butterflies. We planted some behind the greenhouse because it’s a favorite of hummingbirds too — hopefully they’ll stay in nest in the trees that hang over the creek next summer. It roots easily and most of it needs trimming.

Sweet almond , golden dewdrop and old-fashioned perennial pentas also are in dire need of trimming — and super easy to root this time of year. We chopped back the coral porterweed but there’s still plenty to share, along with hummingbird favorite fire spike.

Two new plants for regulars — you-dig chenille plant and monkey grass. They aren’t holding their own as groundcovers and on a property this size, we can’t continue to pull weeds around them. (This is super-tough monkey grass, we didn’t plant it and it comes back even when it gets mowed by mistake!)

Don’t forget we have tons of bamboo stakes, I’m always amazed at how expensive it is to buy when it grows so fast. Just make sure the stakes don’t sprout in a place you don’t want them!

Plants in pots (limited quantities, swaps expected!)

Yellow plumeria (just one)

Blooming aloe (also one)

Ginko trees

You dig:

    Elderberry (must be planted ASAP, has very shallow roots, limited quantities)

Tons and tons of bright yellow cosmos that have naturalized here.

Surinam cherry


    Yesterday-today-and tomorrow (also limited)

    Candlestick senna

    False roselle, thousands and thousands ready to transplant!

    Mexican cilantro – not really cilantro but tastes similar and handles the heat without flinching!

    Cleradendron (pagoda or bleeding heart)

    Native palmettos

    Naturalized periwinkles (aka vinca)

Chenille plants

Monkey Grass

    Wild pineapple (very prickly, bring protective clothing!


    Passion flower — fresh seeds from the most prolific vine I’ve ever seen

Daikon Radish (mooli)



Tropical milkweed

    Gallardia (blanketflower)


Fresh moringa seeds



Orchid cactus

    Coral porterweed

    Rangoon creeper

  Cuban oregano (already rooted)

Bush morning glory

    Cuban buttercup (tunera)



    Bolivian sunflower

Ever-bearing mulberry

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