Open Yarden 6.2.18

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Open Gardens, April 7, 2018, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 602 Ronele Drive, Brandon, FL  33511

We always have people requesting tours of Neem Tree Farms so we’ve set “Open Yarden” for most first Saturdays (except holiday weekends).  Along with our neem and Ayurvedic herbs, we have tons of cuttings, seeds and you-digs PLUS plant swaps so you never know what you’ll find. (And before you ask, everything listed below is free, although the neem and Ayurvedic plants in the greenhouse are for sale.)

Limited quantities in pots

  • Baobab trees, the tree of life from Africa (amazingly easy to grow and takes cold better than the literature suggests. These trees came through three nights below 27 and are rebounding nicely!) Learn more:
  • Apricot Datura
  • Rain lilies
  • Spider wort (one of my favorites in spite of its name)
  • Aloe pups
  • Caribbean-red papaya seedlings
  • Milkweed

You dig:

  • Rangoon creeper
  • Everglade tomato (also limited quantities, but tons and tons of fruit so you can pick a basket and take some home to sprout!)
  • Naturalized golden cosmos, which shouldn’t grow in the summer but reseed all year round now
  • Yesterday-today-and tomorrow (also limited quantities)
  • Surinam cherry seedlings
  • Lemongrass (lots and lots, please take some or I’ll have to kill it!)
  • Ever-bearing mulberries (including one big plant that you’ll need to bring a pot for)
  • Candlestick senna (seeds or plants)
  • False roselle, thousands and thousands ready to transplant!
  • Native porterweed (ground cover)
  • Clerodendrum (pagoda or bleeding heart)
  • Naturalized periwinkles (aka vinca)
  • Wild pineapple (very prickly, bring protective clothing,
  • Native ruella (cuttings or dig up a piece)


  • Walking iris
  • Coral porterweed
  • Bush morning glory
  • Native ruella
  • Sweet almond
  • Golden dewdrop
  • Mulberry
  • Rangoon creeper

Seeds (some you pick, some in cute little bags and others in bulk)

  • Beach morning glory
  • Daikon radish (really a winter crop but definitely one of the most attractive vegetables we grow).
  • Gaillardia, aka Blanket Flower, is finally naturalizing and we have bulk seeds too.
  • Mexican cilantro – not really cilantro but tastes similar and handles the heat without flinching. Some of it is already going to seed so you could have a yard full. Between the Everglade tomatoes and the cilantro, running my lawnmower smells like I’m eating salsa!
  • Moringa
  • Dwarf yellow poinciana
  • Cleome
  • Small quantities of other seeds from previous events, including some you’ve heard of, like kale, and some so exotic I’m not sure what they are!

We don’t use very many plastic bottles or cups, but we’ve been collecting them from our friends so you’ll have something to take your new babies home in. We’ll have envelopes for seeds, and lots of roselle tea (served in biodegradable cups) to keep you comfortable.


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No event in September because it’s Labor Day weekend

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