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Not only a show-stopping plant when in bloom, but it’s the host food for giant sulfur butterflies so you’ll have a show anytime it’s not freezing!


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Candelabra senna is one of my favorite plants — as long as I pull up the seedlings before they get too big.

It’s literally a showstopper in my front yard, covered in six-inch spikes of yellow flowers from September to March (as long as you deadhead). And it’s not only beautiful but its the larval food for the giant sulfur butterfly, so we almost always have great big yellow butterflies soaring around the yard.

It’s considered a short-lived perennial but it grows fast enough that you’ll have blooms by the end of the first year.

Please two packages of seeds (total) per order. It’s time-consuming to collect, package and mail them, even though we really want more people growing food for themselves, caterpillars and butterflies.


4 reviews for Candelabra Senna — Free Seeds

  1. Acela Cruz

    Did not get this but showed on my statement as included.

  2. jsonika

    Didn’t receive any even though it was included on my invoice. Called customer service and they promised to send the samples listed on my invoice but haven’t received them even after 5 months!

  3. Kathy

    Received seeds will plant soon

  4. youfungyu

    I picked this seeds but didn’t received them:(

    • Vicki

      I think we’re out for the summer, they should have seeds later this year though!

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