Holy Basil (Krishna Tulsi)

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The purple leaves of our Krisna tulsi stand out in the greenhouse, particularly against the bright green neem.


Krishna Tulsi — also known as holy basil — is considered to be a sacred plant in Ayurveda because it has important uses as a medicinal herb.

The purple-tinged Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) really stands out among the neem trees in our greenhouse. Used in religious ceremonies as well as cooking, tulsi may have medicinal qualities similar to neem but it’s a smaller plant that’s easy to grow in a sunny window.

Several studies indicate that holy basil contains bio-available antioxidants that help prevent damage from environmental toxins like Lindane and arsenic in rats as well as enhanced wound healing. *

A recent clinical study on anxiety confirms the traditional use of tulsi as a calming tea. Other research indicates that tulsi may have immune-boosting properties in mice. *

For more information, visit http://www.donnieyance.com/holy-basil-an-herb-with-incomparable-benefits/  from Donnie Yance, an internationally known master herbalist and nutritionist and author of “Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism.” *

While tulsi can be used in recipes that call for basil, it has a much stronger taste. Most often, it’s used in a tea made pouring boiling water over two teaspoons of fresh tulsi leaves. Allow to cool and then strain off the tea before drinking.

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20 reviews for Holy Basil (Krishna Tulsi)

  1. Hardik

    The Leaves work great for my daughters skin. Thank you Neem Tree Farms!

  2. Julie

    Can’t wait until it grows, just received start. It’s planted hanging in the sun (in the house it’s pretty cold here, UT). I hope it makes it. So excited to use the leaves.

  3. Judy

    Very nice plant. I love the smell of the Tulsi. It is enjoying the sun right now.

  4. Thiaga

    Super happy with the holy basil. Thank you Vicky.

  5. Elizabeth

    The Tulsis are doing great, thank you for all the great instructions that came along with the plants!

  6. Venkata

    Very happy with Krishna Tulsi. Got Kapur Tulsi as a bonus and both doing awesome Thank you

  7. Kunthavai

    Super and nice plant awesome it got delivered on time and its growing great

  8. uma_kodali

    My Tulsi plant is happy. Great customer service!
    My Karpor tulsi plant is also doing great.

  9. Judy

    This is one of my favorite plants. Seems to be doing well so far. I have plans to harvest the leaves and use the blossoms for a potpourri.

  10. Nivedita Kuila

    Received the plant today in perfect healthy condition without any damage. Thank you Neemtree farms. Can’t wait to see the plant growing ????????

  11. suparna13

    We got two of them. Arrived in great shape and they are thriving in their new pots. Put them in pots rather than in the ground so that I can bring them indoors in winter (we live in Northern California). Special shout out to Vicki and her team. Lovely people. Easy to work with. Thank you!

  12. Joanne P McKenney

    I am so happy with these two beautiful healthy plants! They are thriving here in Illinois, planted in pots so I could winter them indoors. Thank you, Neem Tree Farms!

  13. deepak.kolapkar

    Very nice plant. I ordered this holy krishna basil on May-21-2019 and recieved on July-5th. This was due to agricultural hold by California on plants shipped from Florida. Neem Tree Farms offered me refund in case I can’t wait. I decided to wait no matter how long it will take. The patience paid off. When I received the plant, it was in very good condition. The plant is the real breed of Krishna Tulsi. I planted it in a very huge big sized planter with good balanced mix of potting soil, steer manure and mulch. I do see the plant is getting adapted and should start growing in may be next couple of weeks. I am fully satisfied with the plant

  14. Kantu Malhotra

    Still waiting to see how they are going to behave. Repotted them in organic soil mixed with steel manure.

  15. Saurabh

    Yesterday I received the Krishna Tulsi but that is regular tulsi. I could have gotten regular tulsi for free from the temple here. I wanted Krishna tulsi which I don’t find it here anywhere. Very disappointed. I can send the picture if you want. Didn’t get the product that I ordered.

    • Vicki

      We don’t even grow regular tulsi because it overpowers the Krishna. Please send a photo and I’ll post photos of its purple mama.

  16. Acela Cruz

    Received plant, but no instructions came with it. Third day the leaves were curling and falling off. Called and spoke with Vicki who assured me that it should bounce back. Right now it is on my windowsill with full sun. I’m waiting for it to look alive.

  17. jsonika

    Received the plant in good condition but the leaves started falling off and it died a week later. Followed all instructions it came with.

  18. KayceMac

    The two Krishna Tulsis I received were cuttings. I understand the need to use cuttings, but at the price I paid, I think they could have sent something beyond two straight stems with overly-large leaves and no other growth. Quite disappointed in this company. Will not buy from again.

  19. carriebransom

    Received this plant fairly quickly despite COVID. It arrived healthy in great condition. It is already putting on new leaves after potting three days ago. The mature leaves are already deepening to purple. Looking forward to see how it grows.

  20. Yashon Reddy

    My Krishna tulsi plants arrived safety to my door steps. I received 2 plants, instead of one. I re-potted both in larger pots and they are so, far looking happy and healthy with purplish leaves. I also, purchased the Neem from here and it is thriving crazily. It was about 2 feet tall when I received it I used the largest pot and replanted it. It’s at least 7 feet tall now……I am overjoyed with plants from this nursery. Using pots instead of directly into ground so, I can transfer these indoors during winter. Winter is right around the corner. I am in Northern California.
    Many thanks to Mag and Vickie—–super personable team.

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