Neem Bark Toothpowder

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The original neem bark toothpowder with all-natural ingredients has been proven over time to be effective at maintaining healthy teeth and gums while strengthening immune functions in your mouth. *

We guarantee that you’ll see a difference in 60 days — just check our reviews!

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Neem bark toothpowder was the first product we formulated without professional assistance (although an incredible group of herbalists encouraged us and provided their input on ingredients).

Over the past 20-odd years, it’s been a top-selling product, even though it’s brown and it doesn’t fizz. Based on customer demand, we’ve created three new formulas: Cinnamon with Xylitol, Mint with Xylitol and Bio-activated Charcoal. Let us know which you want to try in the comment section.

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*  This statement has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Neem Tree Farms does not sell products which are intended to prevent, control, treat or cure any disease.

2 reviews for Neem Bark Toothpowder

  1. Shirley

    Its wonderful.

  2. Erica

    This is a product I swear by after using it regularly for a couple of years, and will continue to use as long as it’s available (please don’t discontinue!). I’ve recommended it to my dentist – who asked how I kept my gums in such good shape at my age. So yes – I highly recommend it. Easy to use and to fit it right in with daily brushing. Excellent product.

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