Neem for Nails

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Now is the time to start using neem on your feet so they feel great all winter and look good as soon as it’s warm enough to wear sandals again.

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Neem for nails is 100% cold-pressed neem oil blended with essential oil of eucalyptus in a bottle with a brush top for easy application.

1 oz.

INGREDIENTS: Azadirachta indica (neem) oil, essential oil of Eucalyptus gobulus (eucalyptus).

1 review for Neem for Nails

  1. Jatera

    I am still in the early phase of use so I haven’t noticed any significant changes to my finger nails, which are my biggest issue, although I did notice a huge change with my toe nails. It seemed to restore the health of them. Nails were smoother and healthier looking.

    • Vicki

      Hi Jatera,

      That’s odd, my fingernails usually look better faster with a couple of weeks of Neem for Nails than my toenails. Are you a gardener? I scrape my neem soap underneath my fingernails anytime I expect to go play in the dirt.

      Please stay in touch.


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