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We’re shipping neem sprouts NOW! They’ll only be available for about two months before they have to be transplanted into seedling pots.

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Because neem seeds can be so difficult to germinate, we also sell small trees — we call them neem sprouts — at a great value. Neem sprouts are only available in late summer and early fall after seeds germinate and reach about five to 10 inches tall. They’re shipped bare root, but they’re extremely durable plants.

Please have pots or a flat ready for the arrival of your neem sprouts so that they can go in the ground as quickly as possible. Be sure to use premium potting soil — but not the kind that “manages” water. That contains a polymer that holds hundreds of times its weight in water and will drown a baby neem tree. Learn more at

Neem sprouts are happiest in small pots for their first winter because it’s easier to overwater them in a large pot. You can transplant them to gallon pots when it’s warmer and they can go outside. Give them a chance to acclimate from inside light to full sun outside by putting them in a spot where they get morning sun and afternoon shade until they start growing again — you’ll see reddish leaves at their tips when they’re happiest.

20 sprouts per order


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