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Six-Way Neem Capsules combine neem in six forms — supercritical and hydrophilic extracts of leaf and bark, plus the raw leaf and bark — to ensure the best possible bioavailability on the dozens of constituents found in a tree called “The Village Pharmacy.” *


Six-Way Neem Capsules combine six types of neem — including both supercritical and hydrophilic (water-based) extracts of the leaf and the bark  — to ensure that you get the strongest, most effective neem capsule available anywhere in the world.

Although we’ve been growing and selling neem since 1992, we’re constantly amazed that researchers around the world continue to find new uses for it. (Learn more at the National Institutes of Health library.) * Six-Way Neem Capsules, first of their kind in the world, play up neem’s multiple uses by combining:

  • supercritical extract of both leaf and bark (learn more about supercritical extraction)
  • hydrophilic extract of leaf and bark (compounds extracted with water, which are generally believed to be more bio-available than raw materials)
  • raw neem leaf and bark, just in case we missed something important.

Formulation Based on 20 Years of Research

The thinking is based on more than two decades of following clinical studies on neem’s multiple uses. With more than 100 individual constituents in neem leaf and bark, they have separate and distinct effects on the body. This would also explain the incredibly diverse uses of neem in tropical countries, as noted by common names like “nimbati syasthyamdadati” – to give good health – “nature’s drugstore,” “the village pharmacy” and “panacea for all diseases” in its native India. * In Africa, where neem often grows wild, it is known as “mwarubaini,” which means 40 cures in Swahili. *

There’s still an enormous amount of research to be completed on the internal use of neem. The actions of some constituents have been identified but the impact of others are not documented in clinical reports. Some compounds are concentrated in either the leaf or the bark. Others may be more effectively extracted using water or carbon dioxide under high pressure. While there is some clarity on which extraction method works best for which compound, there is still very little information on which compound is most effective for the diverse issues neem is used to treat. * We’ve also included the raw neem leaf and bark to ensure that the full spectrum of neem’s active compounds are incorporated in our neem capsules. *

INGREDIENTS: 5 mg supercritical neem leaf, 3 mg supercritical neem bark, 200 mg hydrophilic neem leaf extract, 150 mg hydrophilic neem bark extract, 50 mg neem leaf, 30 mg neem bark.

Learn more at our blog, “Which neem capsule is best for me?”

90 caps.

*These statements are based on clinical reports published at the National Institutes of Health library but have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


27 reviews for Six-Way Neem Capsules

  1. Marc Johnson

    Awesome Product!

  2. Angie

    I am trying to lower my blood sugar so I have been taking one a day for several months. No success but I am still taking and I have upped the dosage to 2 a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. I may add more in the future. I am expecting good results when I find the right dose for me.

    • Vicki

      Neem and diabetes is one of the most problematic areas for us. There’s some clinical evidence that it helps (and tons of anecdotal reports) but the dosage is never clear. Please don’t take it unless you’re carefully measuring your blood sugar (it sounds like you are) because we’ve also heard reports of hypoglycemia, particularly with insulin-dependent diabetics. (And I love your email — I’m not a golfer either!)

  3. Marc Johnson

    great product

  4. DALE

    I have used this product for intestinal problems along with neem tea. The results are amazing. When I travel to the Caribbean islands I can start up a conversation simply by asking for neem products. My urologist is amazed at the changes he sees and the improvement in my system alone with the medicine he’s prescribed.

  5. kate1v

    I received this product VERY WELL packaged, with outer cap seal, inner seal over bottle opening, and protective cotton inserted prior to the capsules. The capsules seemed well-made and I appreciated the fresh scent within the bottle.

    By way of background information, I have an ongoing issue with my lungs that even very expensive medications did not resolve. However, I started taking Neem after stopping prescription which was damaging my kidneys. I’ve been taking 2 capsules 5 times a day for almost 3 weeks, and am actually FEELING BETTER! My shortness of breath is not nearly as bad, I have more energy (although still tire if I try to do too much), my appetite is returning a little bit, and I’m hopeful I’ll regain a few of the 30+ pounds I’ve lost. Maybe my next blood tests and CT scan will show a decrease in inflammation. I am very hopeful and I will credit any positive results to the Neem. Good luck to all you others out there hunting for help. ~kv

  6. cole.eliz

    Thanks for this great product. The Six-Way Capsules have been very effective for me in a number of ways. I am 70 years old and generally in excellent health but occasionally have a minor challenge. I initially ordered the capsules to help with “the itchies”–speciafically vaginal itching that occurred after I was prescribed tetracycline for a urinary tract infection. (The “cure” was worse than the infection!!) The neem capsules worked beautifully to stop the itching and improve vaginal health overall. Taking neem regularly also seems to help with the skin itchies. I also use the shampoo and conditioner 2 times a week and no longer have the maddening scalp itch that was driving me nuts. I love these products so much that I’ve decided, after reading reviews, to order the Neem Aloe Soap for winter time dry skin. I spend lots of time with daughter in Maryland and she keeps her house toasty. The wind outside and the dry air inside have done a number on my skin. So I look forward to using the soap. Darn! I should have ordered some lotion, too…next time!

  7. Alex

    I’ve been a big fan of neem for many years. When Neem Tree Farms released this product, I ordered several bottles to try right away. When it comes to taking neem internally, sometimes it hard to tell what the benefits are. Since this tree is one of gods cherished medicinal gifts to mankind, I continue to take it as I know its good for me and is helping in ways which I might not be able to recognize. Since this product offers neem in both, super critical and water base extraction processes as well as having raw neem leaf/bark material itself, I’m assured to get all the goodness of neem into my system and even if I can’t specify exactly how it helps, I know that it does because it’s a good natural product put here on earth for us to use as medicine. I take one capsule at night right before bed and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

  8. Linda Watkins

    I’ve been using the Six-Way Capsules since I became aware of them, several years ago. I take them for their anti-viral properties, and I can say that I have had no colds or flu (I don’t get the flu vaccine.) and no fever blisters since I’ve been taking them. I think they may be helping with my joint pain, too, although it hasn’t totally disappeared .

  9. Gail

    Well, I have been taking these a couple weeks now…what I can say is if my insides fare as well as my outside experience w/ neem products…then I am in great shape!!!!! I ordered these for my immune strength & well time passes I know I will be happy I purchased them & will continue….I really love the neem products they have….Thank you!!!

  10. gdmlee

    Will purchase again

  11. poshposy

    I just started taking these so I can’t really say to there effectiveness but I can say all the other products I have bought are amazing. Also the people at neem tree farms are wonderful

  12. chaydurham13

    My husband and I buy these on a normal basis. My husband loves them because they have more neem than before and you get double the capsules.

  13. ksardi

    These capsules have saved me! After dealing with a parasitic infection years ago and then gallbladder removal, my digestive system has not been good. I tried everything including neem supplements, but none of them contained all of the parts of the tree including the bark. After doing my research, I came to find out that sometimes only the leaves are not enough, that bark is needed in combination to boost your immune system to make up the difference. I will forever be grateful for this product. My bowel movements and overall energy level along with better skin and hair has improved significantly since using this product.

  14. Wendy Jawor

    I’ve been taking these for a few weeks right in the midst of being sick with a bronchial virus. I was left with a hacking cough. One or two a day and my cough seems to be disappearing much faster than it normally would. I obviously need to be on these for a longer period of time, but so far I feel like they have really helped me – especially in a fragile state. I am happily going to continue. Really amazing supplements.

  15. bluestaryogaeliz

    I used to take neem in powder so it was just the leaves , so when I saw your product including the bark , I thought it will be more potent. I gave some to my husband too and we are feeling good.

  16. Yvonne

    I had been taking one capsule daily. At the cost, I could not rely solely on faith that this was doing anything for me so I set them aside as a medicine when in need vs. being a daily supplement. — Then my working spouse brought home a debilitating virus that had been going around. At first sign, I began taking two capsules twice daily for 5 days. I never got sick whereas my spouse went through the entire viral course of bad to worse to finally better in three weeks. I took the capsules, he did not. I am now a believer in the ” pharmacy tree ” and plan to keep a supply on hand at all times.

  17. Hazel

    Over 25 years I had agonizing pain in both thumbs thinking it was carpal tunnel I seen a hand specialist for surgery. To my horror I was told both joints were almost destroyed by arthritis. And I was told in less than two years I would not be able to use them without a joint replacement. it was the same story everywhere I went. That same year I traveled to the Caribbean islands, where I was told about Neem. After reading the literature and hearing personal stories about the benefits of Neem, I purchased bags of dry leaves and started making and drinking Neem tea everyday. I have not had the constant horrible joint pains that I experienced long ago. No, it did not cure it but it did give me some relief and many years of use I would not have had otherwise. I am now in my seventies, the joints have started getting worse but with Neem everyday I still live a very active life using my hands as I always have! I’ve added these capsules to my daily tea along with most of the other Neem products I buy here for skin and health! I know the wonderful benefits of Neem and I’m so thankful to be able to purchase them from truly wonderful caring people here at Neem Tree Farms! Thank You!!

    • Vicki

      You made our day! We started growing neem commercially because it made such an enormous difference to a puppy with congenital joint issues and then saw it help my mother, who also had horrible pain in her thumbs. Now my sister and I both take Six-Ways even though we hate pills — we can tell the difference if we skip a few days. Good luck and thank you for writing!

  18. alapray12

    I really love this product. I bought these pills for natural birth control. Since taking them, I can feel they have also increased my immune system. I tell everyone about these Neem pills for health and natural contraceptive!

  19. cheryl2020

    Excellent product – works well in combination with other herbs against methane-SIBO.

    Outstanding customer service – when product was recently backordered, Vicki & Meg provided consistent communication about estimated arrival time.

    In loving gratitude,

  20. Tawnya

    Awesome product. I will purchase again.

  21. Emily Weissman

    A superior product. We love it so much we refer our clientele to buy it! Has helped a lot of people and pets. It is powerful and very strong. My dog has been taking it on and off for a while as needed. Highly recommend

  22. treebhouse

    “The Village Pharmacy! For over 5000 years old AYURVEDA has utilized neem formulations. Scientific research has explored neem’s ability to prevent and treat an astonishing number of health disorders. Do your own research, and take Neem! Thanks, NeemTreeFarms for making this superb product!

  23. g.kosak

    I ordered a view weeks ago and received my product pretty fast. I have no side effects and it is easy to take. I feel more energized and refreshed since I am taking it and I hope it will boost my immune support. I will order again for sure and have recommended it to all my friends.

  24. Dorothy Walker

    After reading the article which referred to studies that have been done on Neem, I added the 6 Way Capsules as a precaution against viruses. Recently everyone in my house got sick, and I didn’t. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that I’m the only one taking Neem, but I see it as a very positive sign, as I used to be the one laid low by every flu that came along. I love the Neem creams too. They take the itch out of bug bites and sooth my skin after working in the sun for hours.

  25. treebhouse

    I’m very happy to add an update on taking Neem orally for over a month. I have had a red rash along my hairline on my forehead for a couple of years, tried everything with no results. Only taking 1 daily I am thrilled the rash is all but gone…Hallelujah! Neem seems to be good for just about everything!

  26. tss2118

    Just Started taking my six way neem capsules which are easy to swallow and leave no after taste for me. I purchased for continuing skin eruptions over the last years that no prescription cream clears up quickly. So I’m giving this a try to work from the inside. I will give an update after a trial period

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