What’s DentaBoost?

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So what is DentaBoost neem bark toothpowder?

Several years ago, a world-famous organization discovered our neem bark toothpowder. They fell in love with the product and how it made their mouth feel. Since they specialize in television marketing, they created an infomercial to tell the world how wonderful it is.

Sadly, they made claims that our government and other toothpaste manufacturers didn’t like. Rather than fight that legal battle (practically unwinnable even when they had available funding), they moved on to other products.

They returned the unsold  DentaBoost to us, so we’re sharing it with our customers. If you’ve tried our toothpowder, you know how wonderful it is. If you haven’t – put your favorite toothpaste on your brush, then dip it in the OxiNeem and brush as normal. We know it’s brown and it doesn’t fizz, but we promise your dentist will see the difference at your next appointment!

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