A Tale of Two Feet

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Vicki decided to transplant some flowers this week while the soil in our pollinator garden was still soaked from Hurricane Elsa. Her right foot was on the shovel when her left foot started burning — she’d stepped into a nasty nest of fire ants. She grabbed a bottle of Anti-Itch Formula, drenched the burning foot and finished what she was working on.
The tale of two feet was clear the next morning: she had one little bite still itching on the left foot, but three nasty pustules on the right where she hadn’t even noticed the bites at the time.
Do not try this on purpose, but if you should happen to get a bite, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and effectively Anti-Itch Formula works. And we have plenty of samples in stock. If you place an order, be sure to ask for one in the comment section! (Learn more about our Anti-Itch products here.)

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