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Although no U.S. company has FDA approval to sell products labeled to control insects on people or pets, neem has long been recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps soothe insect bites and dry, irritated skin. These products are all made with essential oils (so they smell good) and carrier oils that soak in quickly so you don’t smell “neemy” all day.

We make a series of Anti-Itch products, each for specific uses:

  • Neem Anti-Itch Formula was our first (and still most popular) Neem Anti-Itch product. It’s an oil product made with about 30% neem blended with essential and carrier oils that are designed to soak in quickly and work for hours. We use it almost daily this time of year when we’re working in the greenhouse. It’s best if you use it right after your shower and apply to slightly damp skin so you get the extra “slick” without making you greasy.
  • Neem Anti-Itch Salve Stick was created using the same formula but we added beeswax and packaged  it as a bar that looks like a deodorant stick. It’s perfect for applying a very thin layer of protection anytime of day.
  • The Neem Anti-Itch Spray (formerly Sprout’s Spray) is a cooling option, but since it’s made with water, it isn’t as effective as the more concentrated formulas. It’s still one of our favorites, though, for times when we’re just sitting around enjoying the outdoors without working up a sweat in the greenhouse or garden.

Neem Anti-Itch Formula is available as a free sample when you purchase another neem product — but they’ve been so popular that they’re now limited to one per customer.

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