Neem Anti-Itch Formula

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Even neem fans have been amazed at how quickly Anti-Itch Formula stops all kinds of kinds of itches, from bug bites to chronic dry skin.

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Neem Anti-Itch Formula is also a great all-around treatment for dry, itchy skin with a fresh clean smell. Smooth over damp skin with damp fingers after showering for hours of relief, or just dab sparingly on bites (including wasp stings and fire ants) to stop the itch almost immediately. Made with neem, karanja, sesame, olive and jojoba oils – plus essential oils of lavender, cedarwood and lemongrass – the all-natural formulation soaks in quickly for fast and long-lasting relief.

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24 reviews for Neem Anti-Itch Formula

  1. Paul

    Found a great new use for this product. Swimmers Ear, Dry ear and Ear wax problems are easily resolved with an application of this product: use the end of a Q-Tip with one drop of Formula. Gently coat the inside of the ear canal with a small amount of oil prior to Swimming and showering. No more water clogged ears and the itching and dryness is gone in 24 hours. I had been using the alcohol based Swimmers Ear drop to remove water almost daily. One coating of this oil and no more water! The Alcohol is too drying which leads to other problems.

  2. Helen

    This Anti-Itch Formula really works on all kinds of insect bites. I keep it handy while golfing and gardening. I have not found anything better to stop itches.

  3. Paul

    Date: 12/14/2013

    I received a 2oz bottle when I ordered my Neem Oil for the garden. It smells great. I first assumed it was like all the rest of the Anti-Itch products on the market-Lots of hype but no results. I put it in the bathroom closet. Last week I was walking with shorts in some tall grass in the afternoon and by the time I made it inside my leg was on fire-bright red and burning and I could see water blisters trying to form. I cleaned the leg with cool water -dried it and rubbed this oil on the entire area. It still burned like crazy for 30 min then 2 hours later I looked down and all the redness was gone- the itch and burning was gone -no blisters and the only pinkish residual was gone in two days. You Got My 5*Vote! This is one great product -I have no idea how it works so fast but who cares when you are in pain. I am ordering the larger bottle!

  4. Julie

    Second bottle of anti-itch. Great stuff! I shared with a friend that suffers with skin issues and his hands/arms itch all the time. He was impressed and grateful.

  5. jim

    Used up my 2 oz bottle and found that it worked so well that I just ordered and got my 32 oz. size. Great product.
    My use is mainly for itching. It works well, easy to apply.

  6. Patricia

    This is a wonderful, natural product. I have used it for a myriad of things; bug bites, cuts and scrapes, and moisturizer. I have a good bit of sun damage from too much sun exposure and occasionally a lesion will appear and sometimes bleed. I will put a drop on it for a couple of days and it heals just fine. Neem tree oil, “anti itch” is such a treasure. Some people find the fragrance somewhat offensive at first, but it dissipates quickly. What a gift from nature.

  7. taradrolma

    I purchased this for my mini-dixi who was always itching. I apply it every few days and it stops the itching immediately. Now that I am living in an area with critters like fleas and mosquitoes, I use it on myself. When I apply this, it instantly stops itching from the fleas and also mosquitos. Wonderful stuff!

  8. Carol

    Great stuff for itching and it works pretty good as a deterrent, too. Wonderful smell and feels so good on the skin.

  9. Paulette

    Great for itching and as a conditioner for my dogs skin.

  10. Tracey

    I suffer from itchy feet and actually use the anti itch to get rid of the problem. It works!

  11. Kari

    Love this stuff! I use it for bug bites and also when I shave my legs. Shaving always used to make me itch, but this stuff takes that all away! <3

  12. c2seek

    Best anti-itch product I ever used.
    Improved dry scaly patch on my husbands forehead in1 day, and was totally healed in2!!
    Amazing stuff.

  13. poshposy

    I love all your products, this has a nice smell and is very soothing. I got the trail size in one of my orders and then ordered the 32oz bottle, so I won’t run out anytime soon. I’m wondering if I can put it a spray bottle.

    • Vicki

      The Anti-Itch Spray has just a small amount of oil but works as a spray. Too much oil will just clog the sprayer and make a mess (does that sound like the voice of experience???)

  14. Jan

    I have been using anti-itch oil for many years now. It really soothes skin. Plus it smells good too.

  15. vgstorey50

    This my 3rd order of Neem Anti-itch formula. I have an autoimmune disease that causes itichness & can be exacerbated during warm weather. After extensively trying different products, I finally found relief with Neem AntiItch. A lttle goes a long way so it is very cost-effective. The smell is not that pleasant but Its a compromise to finally being able to control itching to get good night sleep. Recently order some for my sister undergoing chemo and having sidebeffevts if itchiness. Highly,recommend.

  16. Wendy Jawor

    I swear by this anti-itch oil – so much so, that I often lend out small bottles of it to my friends and acquaintances. Last spring I lent out my big bottle to someone with the understanding that they’d use what they needed and return the bottle. Well, they didn’t and of course, I forgot who I lent it to! When I reached for it, in a moment of itchy skin I freaked out! No anti-itch oil! PANIC! It’s truly the only thing that works for me and it’s natural. I needed more and fast. Thankfully I am all set and back in business. It works for all types of skin problems with itchiness. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It works well for children too.

  17. Louann

    I received a sample of this last year and re-discovered it a few days ago just in time! For the past six weeks I’ve had a rash which the doctor said is contact dermatitis. Was using aloe vera and the neem facial scrub to keep it in check but it never completely cleared it out. Then I used the anti-itch formula sample and in TWO days it’s visibly disappearing and there is no itching! So now I’m ordering a full bottle! Really impressed!

  18. Kari Perkins

    I love the outdoors and I’m forever getting into something itchy. This product is AMAZING!!! I simply cannot live without it now that I know it exists and how effective it is against all kinds of itches. It’s also become my go to after shower body oil. Love this stuff so much!

  19. Margo Dandry

    I have used this product from Neem Tree Farms for years now and I would not go through summer in Louisiana without getting a fresh bottle. I use the heck out of this because bug bites torment me esspecially at night when I will scratch my skin until I have holes in my body. This product prevents that. Just this morning I was working in the yard getting rid of red ants that were attackeing me and came in to find my Neem anti itch to put it on. I am sitting here now totally relieved because of this and thought I would buy a new, bigger bottle and to write a review. THIS IS GREAT STUFF!!!

  20. Sue Wood

    A good night’s sleep! As a mosquito magnet with the bites to prove it, I was plagued by the accompanying itching. Thanks to this anti-itch formula, applied at night, I was able to get a good night’s sleep. Great for skin, too!

  21. Alexandra Schmidt

    I received the 32 oz bottle and its been a great help with healing my eczema patches. Its great for bug bites as well!

  22. David E.

    Gnats and mosquitoes have been driving me crazy when walking my dog in the park and I just ordered 2 bottles one for home and one to keep with me. This stops the itch within minutes and I wouldn’t be without it.

  23. jub9025

    5 stars for relief from itch allowing good sleep and giving my skin a break. However it does smell a little too much like neem but the lavender and other essential oils help. But if severe itch this is the best!

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