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When we select reviews for our $100 coupon, I close my eyes and scroll down the list of recent comments so it’s really random. This month, the first comment I saw was from Lois K. in Houston who had this to say about neem bark toothpowder:

“This is the third time we have ordered this product and we are very pleased. My husband swears by this product and he is so thrilled with the results he has seen. Would highly recommend.”

Of course, when I started writing this newsletter, I checked the other reviews on the toothpowder and couldn’t resist adding these comments from Darlene R. in Lutz, Florida, just up the street from us:

“My numbers (when the dental hygienist measures your gums) have improved dramatically. I will use this product forever. It also makes me clean the bathroom sink more frequently, which is also a good thing.”

And she’s definitely right about cleaning the bathroom sink – even my husband does a pretty good job when he uses the toothpowder!

If you haven’t tried it, we’ll make it easy for you to check it out. It’s BOGO this month, so you can get a jar for yourself and a second for your significant other. And it’s been 100% satisfaction guaranteed for running up on 20 years. We’ve refunded money twice over that time – but the second person called back and ordered more. He was taking an antibiotic that stained his teeth and said that the toothpowder was helping to keep them white 😊

Our other BOGO this month is the super-concentrated supercritical neem extracts on BOGO. this month.

Check them both out and let us know what you think!

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  • fastdenie

    I ordered the toothpowder with cinnamon and cloves for my daughter-in-law. It came today on her birthday but I got TWO! When I called to let them know, Meg told me that it was buy 1 get 1 free month. I had no idea. This wonderful product has been giving my husband and I good reports at the dentist whenever we go! He always says, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it.” Of course we tell him, and I’m surprised a dentist hadn’t heard about neem. We’ve been using this product for years and will continue to! Thanks!!

  • Kathryn

    Just finished using the New Neem shampoo and conditioner. I love them both. The new shampoo lathers easily and the conditioner left my hair soo soft, without any tangling. Such a fabulous combination. I am totally sold on the Neem shampoo and conditioner. It is perfect for fine thinning hair. I am hopeful with regular use my thinner hair will strengthen. If you haven’t tried it. I highly recommend. Plus Neem is a fabulous company to support. If you need help, Meg is just a phone call away to help customers.

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