Can Neem Improve Your Vision?


  1. Deborah Hallo

    I hadn’t even noticed till I saw the title of your article. I am a devout reader, but had stopped reading – even my Bible – due to a chronic eye infection in my right eye. (I worked as a chemical tech in college and had a serious caustic and heat burn to my eye when the substance I was distilling blew up. I was stunned because I suddenly realized that my vision IS better and I AM leaving my glasses off a lot more often! As I sit here, I am able to read my laptop easily. I have been praying about this because I NEED my Bible in the dark days as we see our wonderful country going downhill fast. Thank you for drawing my attention to it. I’ve only been using Neem for a month, so I expect my vision to continue to improve.

    1. Marcella

      So, how do you take the Neem? As a tea? Adding leaves to salad? Taking it in tincture form? How about the oil, how do you take the Neem?

      1. Vicki

        Most people I know take three of the Six-Way Capsules per day, my sister takes about six drops of the neem supercritical extract. Oil is never taken internally.

  2. Kar

    Plant base product research for improved eyesight and eye health has been done by Bosch & Lomb Inc. resulting in their marigold based PreserVision (R) AREDS 2 formula ( not evaluated by the FDA ) . The key ingredients are Lutein (marigold flower extract), Zeaxanthin Isomers (marigold flower extract) , vimains E,C, Zinc zinc Copper. Reading about their extensive research and determining if similar chemicals are in Neem may help your quest. So might talking to them.

    1. Vicki

      Thank you! I’ll definitely look into this!

  3. Valerie Jackson

    For those of you who want to find available research on neem or any other substance, you need to change your search methods (and use other search engines in addition to google). Do not use a search engine to find a substance. Use them to find links to the researchers. My main go to is the NIH (National Institutes of Health). Once I pull up their site I search for whatever plant I’m interested in at the time. Here is some of what they have on neem (you’ll have to copy & Paste the links to your browser) I also highly suggest that you save links from sites you trust to your bookmarks/favorites tab :

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