Can Neem Improve Your Vision?


  1. Deborah Hallo

    I hadn’t even noticed till I saw the title of your article. I am a devout reader, but had stopped reading – even my Bible – due to a chronic eye infection in my right eye. (I worked as a chemical tech in college and had a serious caustic and heat burn to my eye when the substance I was distilling blew up. I was stunned because I suddenly realized that my vision IS better and I AM leaving my glasses off a lot more often! As I sit here, I am able to read my laptop easily. I have been praying about this because I NEED my Bible in the dark days as we see our wonderful country going downhill fast. Thank you for drawing my attention to it. I’ve only been using Neem for a month, so I expect my vision to continue to improve.

    1. Marcella

      So, how do you take the Neem? As a tea? Adding leaves to salad? Taking it in tincture form? How about the oil, how do you take the Neem?

      1. Vicki

        Most people I know take three of the Six-Way Capsules per day, my sister takes about six drops of the neem supercritical extract. Oil is never taken internally.

        1. Doris

          How you you use the extract if not taken internally?

          1. Vicki

            Hi Doris,
            I personally wouldn’t use the extract externally, but it’s a better choice than the oil he was using directly in his eye.

        2. Lenda Dollyhigh

          Thank You, Vicki!!!

        3. Kristi

          I don’t see the drops on your site? Do you still sell them?

          1. Vicki
  2. Kar

    Plant base product research for improved eyesight and eye health has been done by Bosch & Lomb Inc. resulting in their marigold based PreserVision (R) AREDS 2 formula ( not evaluated by the FDA ) . The key ingredients are Lutein (marigold flower extract), Zeaxanthin Isomers (marigold flower extract) , vimains E,C, Zinc zinc Copper. Reading about their extensive research and determining if similar chemicals are in Neem may help your quest. So might talking to them.

    1. Vicki

      Thank you! I’ll definitely look into this!

  3. Valerie Jackson

    For those of you who want to find available research on neem or any other substance, you need to change your search methods (and use other search engines in addition to google). Do not use a search engine to find a substance. Use them to find links to the researchers. My main go to is the NIH (National Institutes of Health). Once I pull up their site I search for whatever plant I’m interested in at the time. Here is some of what they have on neem (you’ll have to copy & Paste the links to your browser) I also highly suggest that you save links from sites you trust to your bookmarks/favorites tab :

  4. Emilio Ovuga

    I have suffered from chronic pain in my right temporal region and in my right eye for at least 5 years. I have had migraines since I was a child but I got used to it. The pain in the eyes and in my temples eventually led me to the ophthalmologist who ruled out glaucoma but said I had early cataract in the right eye. To allay my concerns about surgery, the doctor said I should wait until the vision fails in about ten years.

    Then an age mate talked about how her vision improved significantly after using neem seed oil, obviating the need for cataract surgery. I decided to try the neem seed oil, as I didn’t like the discomfort in my head and eyes.

    I have used the oil for seven days now and I seem to notice that my vision is clearer, especially in the right eye in which the vision has been blurry. I must admit that I have to use the oil drops for at least one more month to see better results.

    The side effects of the oil are worth mentioning; namely: biting irritation under the eyelid, dryness of the eyes as if there is sand on the eyeball, swelling and self-limiting tears.

    Emilio Ovuga, retired professor of psychiatry.

    1. Vicki

      Dear Emilio,
      We would never recommend neem oil applied directly to your eye! Please consider using a supercritical extract around your eyes where it can be absorbed slowly, and taking the Six-Way Neem Capsules so your body can work from the inside out. I think that will limit the side effects but still provide the results you’re looking for.
      Please call me at 813-689-2616 if you have questions.

  5. Hi Vicki,
    Thank you for sharing your experience about the improvement in your eyes. Your blog/article implies that it was the neem capsules that made that improvement. I’m wondering if you also followed other protocols that could have been involved in the improvement of your eyesight. If so, please comment. Thank you kindly.

    1. Vicki

      Nothing else changed. I do take some other supplements but I’ve been taking the same ones for decades. I never took much neem because I have idiopathic itches that concerned me as a precursor to an auto-immune disease but Covid scared me enough to start taking large doses. I’m just hopeful that enough people try it to say it really does make a difference.

  6. Eddie

    Just a story I have read a lot of stories about herbs cures different things for the body. Myself I grow different herbs alway goggle for possible medical benefits it seems to work for me. I recently went to get my eyes check and by being black the first thing they look for is glaucoma and the second thing that comes out of there mouth is that you are going to need surgery without even check my pressure anyways they took my pressure and I also check the body language and the facial was like I got one anyways The numbers did come back high double digits so setting up with there connections was a must. I was given eye drops and a you going to be blinds in weeks or a month or two so I was to to come back after two days and I did but before I came back I was hearing about this Neem tree I knew of Neem because I sprayed it on my citrus trees the stuff really works so I google it for medical benefits for glaucoma and to my surprise they had a pretty good comment about improving eye site and most of all it reduce the pressure for glaucoma and it did especially for mine it drop down to single digets the doctor could not believe it and still insist on surgery. But luckily for me I also have been going to John Hopkins and when you go to there eye clinic they spend time on you and the procedure that they do in Florida is not a successful one do your home work the Neem tree is good to me and I rather take the herb rather than just five or ten percent in a pill.

    1. Vicki

      Wow! I’ve seen neem improve vision but never heard of it reducing the pressure of glaucoma. Thanks so much for writing us.

    2. Mary Sempa

      Eddie, how do you take the neem ? as a drink ? leaf? seeds? i hope you see this and can reply how did you take your neem ?

      1. Vicki

        I take the capsules but my sister takes the supercritical drops. Both of us have seen amazing improvements in our vision, even though we’re both over 65 years old.

  7. Chetan Ujagare

    I was looking for an evidence that how neem leaves improve your vision..

    I have starting eating raw 5 leaves empty stomach in morning. I noticed, that with glass I have bit blur vision..and without glass I can see very clearly..
    I was having glass no. Of – 3.0 Both eyes..But now i can clearly see very clearly .. Dont know how exactly this happened.. Bt i have included 5 leaves daily to my morning diet

    1. Sofia

      So now you’re not using any glasses?was the vision improvement progressive or like a magic from -3 to no glasses?and, after how many months do you see improvement ?

      1. Vicki

        I’m getting distance glasses soon but my close-up vision is great. I don’t know how long it took to work. I started taking extra neem during Covid, and actually thought I was going blind. My eyes were so bad that I literally had sleeping glasses. When I went to the opthamologist for a new prescription, he said the problem wasn’t my eyes, it was the glasses.

  8. Mary

    Hi. I used neem oil around my 5yo eyes to try to help with conjunctivitis symptoms. It seemed to make matters worse but it seems like it’s a recommended treatment in the homeopathic world. Have you all heard of this happening?

    1. Vicki

      I’m not familiar with that treatment, but there is a vast difference between neem oil and neem leaf tea. The oil is much more concentrated and can cause problems if it’s not used carefully. A neem leaf tea would be my first recommendation.

  9. JRG

    Hi, I am from Europe, Spain. Can you send to Europe your products?

    I am trying to find “Azadirachta indica” (real indian Neem) but I only find “Melia azadirachta”, that is toxic.
    In my first confusion (the seller said is indian neem instead Melia). I had serious problem with a very bad secundary effects of drink tea of “Melia azadirachta”.

    Is this all on bad purpose?

    1. Vicki

      We can ship products but not plants to Europe.

      We only grow the true Azadirachta indica. The melia is much easier to grow — it’s considered invasive in parts of the US — so that’s probably why it’s so much easier to buy. It’s also confusing if people don’t know exactly what they’re looking at. We have a melia tree growing near our bitter neem just so people can see the difference. (Read more here:

      1. JRG

        Hi Vicky,
        Thank you for the info.
        And do you drink Melia tea or eat the leaf? I feel so bad eating it thinking was Indica 🙁

      2. JRG

        Then, I could buy you capsules but not a tree? Thanks
        (The images of that link are broken)

  10. Kae

    What a great read! Thank you for this website and all the comments. I recently started using neem finally after discovering it years ago. Using pure neem oil for my husband topically for pain. Needless to say it works! Grateful!
    Now reading this and just acquiring neem capsules I am excited to see if it improves my vision. I have astigmatism. Purchased capsules to improve health concerns as said to help with immunity without overactivity. I hope where I read that on another site is factual.
    I am wondering however if and how to use for children. My child also has astigmatism, worst than mine. Many reads state do not use in children. She is 10 years old and 95 lbs. Is there a safe method for her?

    1. Vicki

      Wow! A bunch of questions/comments.

      I’ll start by saying that neem is not FDA approved to treat anything including your husband’s pain or your astigmatism. That said, I’m amazed at how well it works on the arthritis in my hands and feet during the winter. I sleep in gloves and socks and I can tell the difference if I go for a few days without them.

      My vision problem was also astigmatism, and I’d been wearing ever-stronger glasses since I went to college (I’m 68 now). I’ll occasionally wear glasses now, if I’m going somewhere I need to see a Power Point on the other side of the room, but mostly I don’t use them at all.

      The warning about children and neem is based on the fact that some of its compounds are similar to those found in aspirin, which could potentially cause Reye’s Syndrome ( I would suggest that she immediately stop taking neem during any illness at all — some reports say it will help prevent them anyway.

      1. Kae

        Tysm! I think I will continue to avoid use of neem on her for now.
        Yes truly amazed his pain subsided completely without need of anything else to aid and he is back to normal.
        I will keep you posted if I see improvement in my eyesight as I have only used it for a few days

  11. Kae

    Also I found this site today as I was seeking interaction of neem with slippery elm and marshmallow root. Any information on that will be helpful

    1. Vicki

      I’m not aware of any interaction with other herbs, except maybe overboosting immune systems. I take neem, turmeric and ginger all without problems.

      1. Kae

        Tysm! Very helpful!

  12. Monica

    Great question and answer reading. Thank you.

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