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As many of our customers know, we started Neem Tree Farms because we’re dirt farmers at heart. We love watching things grow and we love sharing plants with other people.

The first year we did free seeds we spent hundreds of hours collecting and packaging seeds and then thousands of dollars shipping them. That’s not sustainable for a small business.

We can only keep offering the free seeds because they’re limited to customers who are paying for products and shipping. We also ask that you only expect to receive two packages of free seeds.

Some seeds have their own webpage but we didn’t build pages for seeds we don’t have in large quantity or can’t easily attain year-round. The main post on free seeds includes links to the posts that we have written. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t have a link, please include a note in the comment section.

Except for Everglade tomatoes (which we’re now treating as the amazing plants they really are instead of letting them grow as weeds), quantities are limited. We have no idea how much demand we’ll see so please be understanding if we can’t ship all the seeds you had requested.

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  • Kimberly

    All your products are amazing and the positive effects are outstanding. Finally we have a product that doesn’t fix one problem while creating horrible side effects like so many chemical medications. Keep up the great work !

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