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We do specials a little differently than most companies. Hopefully, you’ve already noticed that we nearly always run them for a month so you don’t feel like you need to stop what you’re doing and buy something that moment to take advantage of a good deal.

You may or may not have noticed that we offer specials to our loyal customers, not the people who just happen to find our website. We get some flak about it when someone can’t understand why we don’t discount their first order but we feel pretty strongly about offering the best deals possible to the people who support us.

Finally, we try to offer a group of specials so that customers who don’t want plants or soap can choose lotion or capsules. That was challenging for a while because websites typically only accept one coupon per order. We get around that by creating separate pages for each special. You have to click on the link from your email to get to them, but then you don’t need multiple coupons.

To minimize confusion, we set things up so that the title of the product includes the special. In January, for instance, we had toothpowder on BOGO (Buy One Get One) so the order would say “Neem Bark Toothpowder — BOGO. That makes it easy for you to confirm that you got the special pricing, and easy for our packers to make sure they send you exactly what you’ve ordered.

If you have suggestions for specials or for ways we can make them easier to order, please email me at

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