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First, the bad news, which is also the answer to most of your questions: We don’t know when we will get more Six-Way Neem Capsules in stock. They were ordered in early January when we had what we thought was a 100-day supply. That supply, of course, flew out the window, and the supply chain is still chaotic. 

We know that the raw materials are in the U.S. and being tested. As soon as they pass those tests, they’ll be slotted for encapsulation. We’re doing everything in our power to make the process move as quickly as possible.

We’ve also ordered a second batch of the Six-Way Capsules last week. As you probably know, India is currently in a China-like lockdown at least until the middle of this month. We’re not sure when they’ll get here, but we wanted you to know that we’re doing our best to get ahead of the curve.

And now for the good news: we’re in great shape on everything else! We have a good supply of the Swanson neem leaf capsules and another order on its way. We still have the supercritical neem drops on BOGO. We also have ample reserves on all of our raw materials with replacements on their way from India. (We ordered them in January too, but coming by boat not air.) 
We have hundreds of gallons of neem oil in stock and there are plentiful supplies of neem oil already in the US if we need more. Our products are all made in the USA except for soap and we have a six-month supply of that. 

The greenhouse is overflowing with neem trees and seedlings, although we’re starting to run low on tulsi, ashwagandha and Rangoon creeper. We’re growing them as fast as we can and should be back in stock later this month. We canceled open gardens but the greenhouse is considered an essential business and we’re all safely social distancing.

What we know about neem and Covid-19

Honestly, not much. They call it a “novel coronavirus” because it’s never been seen before — which is why creating a vaccine is such a challenge. 

The World Neem Organization (WNO) is working with the World Health Organization (WHO) in India to develop a protocol to determine if neem could be recommended as a preventative or treatment for Covid-19. We’re not part of that study, but the company we buy neem from is leading the research so we’ll be ready to leap into action when results are known.

There is hope, one 2016 study indicates that a compound in neem can be considered a “universal” control for viruses but it was in a test tube and the results have not been replicated.

In the meantime, the head of the WNO is an Ayurvedic doctor who is taking 400 mg of neem leaf per day as a preventative, or 1,200 mg per day as a treatment, but that’s her personal recommendation and not anything the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved.

There’s no doubt that neem boosts immune systems, though, and we may have over-reacted on the potential for cytokine storms. A friend is doing more research but we’re leaving the warning in place until it’s more clear.

And as you’re focusing on this horrible pandemic, don’t forget to take time out for your mental health! Enjoy a walk, sit on your patio, give the other people in your household extra hugs,r or bake a cake. There’s a Facebook meme about being stuck in your house, vs. safe in your house.

Be safe!

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