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Meg and I decided that May should be a beautiful month so we’ll focus on how and why neem works so well as an anti-aging ingredient with BOGOs on our favorite products.

Neem Leaf Rejuvenating Cream was actually created by clinical researchers in South Korea who were generous enough to share their formulation with us. Here are links to the original research article, which is still paywalled, and a great translation provided by our friend Sheila Haas who explains why it’s so important in words we can all understand. Briefly,

  • They tested neem leaf extract in two ways, exposing healthy human cells in a test tube and bald mice to sun lamps.
  • In both cases, the expected collagen disruption did not occur and underlying biochemical signals that regulate skin damage remained at healthy levels. In the bald mice, the prevented skin wrinkling, maintained sufficient water retention (hydration) and elasticity (resilience).

We got such a great response to the All-Natural Facial Serum, now made with squalane, that we’ll keep that live for May too. Squalane is one of those trendy new ingredients, but we’ve tried it and we think it’s a real keeper.

And finally, our All-Natural Facial Scrub and Mask is one of those addictive neem products that fewer than expected people actually use. It’s incredibly versatile – mix it with yogurt for a slightly drying mask or with egg yolks for a more moisturizing mask. It’s a great scrub too. Just put a little in the palm of your hand and apply to damp skin. Most of the reviews focus on acne or damaged skin, but we love it for our aging skin and use it weekly to brighten and tighten.

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  • Karen Goss

    Why do I get an error message when I click on link for Neem Leaf Rejuvenating Cream?

    • Vicki

      We’re not sure, it works on both of the browsers we use, but we don’t run Safari. You can order the cream from the main site and include a note in the comment section.

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