Contact Dermatitis???


  1. Victor E

    I found your website while googling for “neem oil allergy hives.”

    I didn’t use your product, but used a neem seed oil marketed as a pesticide. On the container, they do seem to be aware of its use on skin though.

    I was attempting to treat long-enduring rash/infection on my legs. At first, I had no reaction, so I thought I was fine. I started using it twice a day on my whole body. After a few days, I had sprinklings of hives all over my body. So in my case, the allergic reaction was delayed.

    I do have a lot of allergies, including nuts., and have sensitive skin. I am likely also undiagnosed celiac (or at least gluten allergy, including oats). So I may have had a lot of contraindications that I didn’t properly research. I hope this information helps you or anyone else.

    One question: If I reacted to neem seed oil, should I definitely avoid neem leaf too? Or might neem leaf possibly be safe?

    1. Hi Victor,

      I’m sorry, I just now received notification on this comment. Were you using the straight neem oil or a formulated product like the Anti-Itch line?

      The only reactions we’ve ever seen have been delayed. It seems that the neem builds up over time and then the hives occur (less than a dozen times in the last 25 years though, so it’s not a common occurrence).

      I would definitely avoid the leaf internally but a water extract might help externally. Let us know if you want to try it again — or if you were using straight oil or another product.


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