Neem for Pets


  1. gonewesthealth

    I wanted to leave a review on the Neem sticks I bought for my Dachshunds.
    I’m so happy two of my three Doxies love the sticks. Hoping my third Doxie will keep accepting a stick and eventually chew on it. I spent over $1000 on their dental cleaning and had to have some teeth pulled this summer. My friend told me about her ten year old Maltese who has all of his teeth because she has always used a product with Neem. So I’m happy to these sticks are going to a part of their dental health now too.

  2. Marlene

    Do you use on pups for tick prevention? If so how? Do you sell product? Thank you,

    1. Vicki

      Hi Marlene,
      No US company has EPA approval to sell neem as an insect repellant except on plants. We rescue dogs in Florida and actually feed them the neem bark rather than spraying them with anything.

  3. Erin

    I would rather not use the toxic chemicals prescribed to help my cats with external and internal parasites…. I was hoping it would be possible and safe to dose their food with a very small amount of neem leaf powder. Is that something that would help them as a natural alternative and can it be safe? Thank you!

    1. Vicki

      No US company has EPA approval to sell neem to treat any insect pests except those on plants. We feed our rescued senior Shar-Pei neem bark because it boosts their immune systems. If the cats are older, they’ll also benefit from its anti=inflammatory compounds that allow their joints to move more effectively. The general dose is 1/8 teaspoon per 10 pounds for 30 days and then back down to once a day after that. You can go back to the double dose if you think you need it. It’s more a money-saving comment than a healthy one.

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