Neem in the News: Alzheimer’s Disease


  1. ellen frogner

    Many years ago, my father-in-law started taking neem for diabetes. Although he had not been diagnosed with ALZ at the time, we knew he was getting there – lots of short term memory loss. After taking neem for a while, we noticed a significant return in his memory (as long as he “remembered” to take the neem! Not clinical results, but it happened.

    1. SOMATIE

      Hello , can you say how the neem worked for his diabetes,,?

      1. Vicki

        It worked so well that, combined with his Alzheimer’s, Medicare started sending a nurse to check on him. They thought he had overdone his insulin, which is why we say daily blood testing is so important.

  2. Vicki

    Actually the diabetes improved to such a degree that his nurses thought he had inadvertently increased his insulin so much that it became dangerous. That’s why we insist that people who are using neem test their blood at least daily.

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