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First the bad news: There is still no clear indication that neem prevents or minimizes the symptoms of Covid-19. (Of course, there is no proof that meets FDA standards for any specific preventative or treatment because the virus is so new.)

Then the good news: There are two new reports – this time peer-reviewed – using sophisticated computer programs to show that neem could potentially prevent or minimize symptoms. Another newly published report showed that patients who were given neem after they tested positive for Covid showed significant improvement. There were only nine people involved in the non-randomized study but hopefully it will be repeated.

And more good news: Two randomized studies are underway in India (including one by the manufacturer of our Six-Way Neem Capsules), and 16 ongoing studies are looking at using antimicrobial gargles including neem extract to prevent the spread of Covid in hospitals.

We’ve gotten multiple requests for updates on neem and Covid from customers who’ve seen various Facebook posts and news reports asking us what we think. We “think” it works and we’re carefully following the research, but we’re pointing to neem’s efficacy as a general antiviral agent and its immune-boosting properties instead.

Of course, none of these studies are FDA approved either, and all have been completed with computers or in test tubes or on animals, including reports showing that neem effectively binds with other viruses including Influenza NS1, conserved residues of influenza viruses ASP302 and SER50, and dengue fever. *

A separate study published in 2016 looked at neem as a “universal” drug to treat the different strains of viruses. Hyperoside, a compound found in neem leaf, along with four synthetic drugs showed the best potential against influenza strains to be utilized as a universal drug. (Click here to read a more simplified report from our friend and medical journalist Sheila Haas.)

And an interesting aside: One of the drugs President Trump was given was dexamethasone, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent with some pretty significant side effects. The name sounded familiar so I checked the National Institutes of Health and found an article comparing neem and dexamethasone. It was clearly less effective, but it was pretty impressive for an herb that’s easily available and doesn’t have any serious side effects when taken as directed.  *

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