Neem in the News, January 2017

 In General

A mixed bag of reports this month ranges from nematodes (that cost American farmers billions of dollars a year) and the disruption of fruit fly behavior to inhabitation of growth in Asian long-horned beetles,  and from antimicrobial impacts that could make better bandages to mouthwash for people with orthodontic appliances. Finally there was one report that linked to contact dermatitis caused by neem oil – turns out it was one of only three ever reported in the literature, but my heart stopped for a moment.  (They also did not determine the origin of the oil or the potential for contamination.)*

Rather than try to cover them all in one email, click the links that interest you most for our “translation” and a link to the abstract.

And we have great news for the people who have been patiently waiting for cream. We’ll pick it up on Thursday, bring in back on Friday and we’ll start shipping it again on Monday! (Or you can wait until next month when we’ll be sure to put it on special.)

We’re holding our breaths on another predicted freeze for Wednesday night but we’re already battened and have hopefully come through the worst of the winter. If it’s freezing here, though, we can’t ship trees north again next week. We’ll keep a careful eye on the weather and the front gets closer – please realize we can’t control Mother Nature and can only ship “to or through” areas where temperatures are above freezing.

Don’t forget open gardens on Saturday, Feb. 3 when you’ll get to see what came through the drought, record rainfall and cold last year – and then be sure to mark your calendar for March 3 when Paul Zmoda, grower extraordinaire, will be here to teach us how (and why) grafting plants is important.

January specials were created just for this kind of cold, ugly weather. Check out half-off deals on Extra Rich Neem Lotion, our highly concentrated Anti-Itch and Nothing But Neem Salve Sticks and Neem Oil Conditioner and see if you don’t feel just a little more comfortable.

Stay warm – it’s going to be nasty even in Florida this weekend…

Vicki & the Neem Team

* These statements have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Neem Tree Farms does not sell anything which diagnoses, prevents, controls or treats any disease or kills or repels pests, except as allowed by the NimBioSys registration when used on plants only.


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