Nothing But Neem Salve Stick

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Our popular hypoallergenic salve is now available in a stick that makes is easy to get a thin layer of neem just where you need it most. It’s formulated especially for people with very sensitive skin and contains no gluten, aloe or synthetic ingredients. Learn more here. 

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8 reviews for Nothing But Neem Salve Stick


    This is the best salve for very dry, itching skin. It stops the itching and burning in minutes. I keep one by my bed, one in the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve given it to people that suffer from dry itchy skin and they love it as much as I do!

  2. Barbara

    Using it for night ‘cream’ and I really like the feel of my skin after using this for a few weeks. The smell is neemy, but goes away pretty quickly.

  3. poshposy

    This stuff stinks to high heaven but works great though I only use i at night

  4. poshposy

    I have been through 2 of these, I have a very painful rash from antibiotics and this is the only thing that helps. I have ordered more and find myself dreaming at night about it’s arrival. It stills smells but I’m getting used to it, it’s an acquired taste/smell I guess or it works so well I don’t care what it smells like.

  5. poshposy

    I’m used 4 sticks in the last month, wish they were bigger but I will be ordering more.Not only is it clearing up the rash but has gotten rid of several moles (one very large one). Love this stuff, and am beginning to like the smell lol


    The smell does take a while to get used to (the reason for the 4 star), but the product is get. It cleared up my heat rash very quickly. It’s a wonderful product, I wished I knew about this years ago. NO itching, no burning, keeps my skin smooth–LOVE IT

  7. Beth Italia

    WOW! What a nice change my face has been experiencing. I really love the way the stick applies to my face. Not only as a great solid moisturizer which lasts through the night and way into the next day, but also a great massage session for my face every night. It is a two in one experience. Many have mentioned the smell of the neem but really the healing that occurs nightly is way more important than getting fixated on the smell. It doesn’t actually smell that bad. I really like this stick and plan to continue using it for a long time.

  8. Hazel

    I Love trying new need product! I’ve not been disappointed yet!!

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