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We’re regularly asked which neem soap is our favorite. Honestly, my personal favorite is the one in my bathroom right now. And then I rotate them often so that makes it even harder to decide.

So we’d like your opinion. Get all six full-sized (5 ounce) of neem soap,  hand-made with neem leaf extract and coconut oil, stabilized with natural sea salt. Buy before March 4 — from this link only for a great price. Write a review and then include a comment with your next order and we’ll send your a bar of your favorite neem soap for free.

You get to choose among:

Neem & Aloe Soap, our first and still top-selling soap

Neem, Aloe & Neem Bark Soap, for extra immune-system building with a gentle exfoliant

Neem, Aloe with Honey and Oat Soap with the benefits of honey and the soothing sensation of oats

Neem Soap with Neem Charcoal, for extra-deep cleaning that’s still gentle enough for aging skin

Neem Soap with Papaya to lighten and brighten skin

Neem Soap with Moringa with the nutritional benefits of a plant that’s been called “the tree for solving global hunger.”

And I have to admit that I wondered why neem soap was so important when we first started making it 20-odd years ago. It’s something you put on and wash right off, so how much difference could it really make? I was wrong, and the comments on the individual soaps show me just how wrong I was…

I am almost 38 and have struggled with acne my entire life. I started using this charcoal soap a few weeks ago and have been acne-free the entire time, which is unheard of for me. I am in love with this soap. Thank you , Neem Tree Farms!

This (papaya soap) is a nice smooth completely wonderful soap it leaves you feeling so fresh and clean and exfoliated although it doesn’t have anything in there that’s hard. It leaves you moisturized and so clean. .. very nice soap I really like it

My family has been using Neem soaps, including the Neem & Aloe soap, for several years,. I was impressed with the simple list of all natural ingredients. It cleans our skin without drying it out. Even in the winter our skin stays soft.

With all the added toxins in the water these days it helps to have Neem that is all natural going into our pores instead of chemicals. The squeeky clean feeling is awesome too!

Love these soaps. With dry skin all over except face, these keep my skin more flexible and not scaley and dry (at 67). Oily face but, same result.

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