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We usually try to create a theme around our monthly specials but nothing came to mind for November. Instead, we picked some products we hadn’t highlighted in a while — and found some soap we’d overstocked soaps, so we put them on sale too.

By popular demand, the Extra-Rich Neem Oil Lotion is BOGO. (We know, it’s been a while…) The lotion is one of our most popular products because it’s great for severely dry skin that cracks and itches, as well as soothing rashes from bug bites or other allergies. It also works wonders on the plain old-fashioned wrinkles most of us worry about.

Ironically, it’s even good for non-cystic acne. Who would have guessed, but those products that dry out skin to prevent pimples actually make it worse? When your skin is too dry, it naturally fights back by creating even more oil. We hear amazing things from teens (and some older people) who have fought blemishes for years, even using prescription drugs. A combination of neem soap — preferably the bark or charcoal because they gently exfoliate — followed by Extra-Rich Neem Oil Lotion clears up even stubborn skin issues.

Check out the BOGO soaps

And speaking of exfoliating soaps, we check out the BOGOs on papaya, neem bark, and honey and oats soap. They’re all among our top-selling soaps but we overestimated demand.

Papaya soap is the only product we carry that chemically — albeit naturally — exfoliates skin. It’s packed with papain, the same product that’s used in most meat tenderizers. It’s an enzyme that breaks down inactive proteins and eliminates dead cells so your skin looks lighter and brighter.

The neem bark soap is probably our personal favorite — although we love whatever is in the shower with us at the time. It was the second “flavor” we created, specifically looking for its exfoliating properties. Over the years, we’ve figured out that it’s a pretty good immune system booster too.

The first formulation of honey and oats soap was following a long-ago trend but it’s proven to be so popular that we never stopped making it. Honey, of course, is a natural antibacterial agent and the oats have some amazing compounds including anti-inflammatories that help minimize blotchy red skin.

Try Citrus Splash at a Special Introductory Price

Finally, we’re promoting Citrus Splash with a new 2-ounce bottle priced at just $1.99 to encourage people to try it. It was formulated for a friend in Key West who wanted a neem skincare product that was lighter than our other all-natural products and had a unisex scent. Its reviews don’t reflect how great it really is. We love its refreshing citrus scent and the way it soaks in quickly but moisturizes for hours.

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