Citrus Splash

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A lightly scented neem splash that moisturizes even very dry skin while soaking in quickly.

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We were challenged to formulate a light – and lightly fragranced – splash by a friend in Key West who loves neem but doesn’t love its smell. We combined the healing properties of neem with a light citrus fragrance in a natural base of grapeseed, sunflower and sesame oil. Splash on after a shower to soothe even chronically dry skin, boost your body’s immune system and help alleviate minor pain. (We’ve chosen to use a very small percentage of a chemical fragrance because natural citrus scents may be phytotoxic in some situations, particularly in tropical climates like Key West.)


3 reviews for Citrus Splash

  1. Chris

    Love it! Use it every day.

  2. Joyce

    I love citrus, but this smells so bad that I cannot use it.

    • Vicki

      I’m sorry Joyce. Some people are very sensitive to the smell of neem and we can only use a limited amount of scent to cover it up. You can return the unused portion for a refund.

  3. ptyeah1

    I’m a little weird…I don’t mind the scent of neem. Maybe it’s because I use the oil as well as neem lotions everyday…it’s great for dry, sun marked skin! All that being said…I LOVE the Citrus Splash. I use it when I’m going out, instead of scented lotions or perfumes. I get all the benefit of Neem, plus the bonus of a fresh, clean scent!

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