Neem Citrus Splash

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One of our personal favorites now available in a 2-ounce size. Check out this lightly scented neem splash that moisturizes even very dry skin while soaking in quickly.

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We created Neem Citrus Splash because were challenged to formulate a light – and lightly fragranced – nearly all-natural product by a friend in Key West who loves neem but doesn’t love its smell.

We combined the healing properties of cold-pressed neem oil with a light citrus fragrance in a natural base of grapeseed, sunflower and sesame seed oil.

Neem oil, of course, is well known for its benefits to skin. Along with compounds that are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, neem is packed with antioxidants. It will:

  • Quickly soothe itches
  • Stimulate collagen production (think facial wrinkles but also crepe arms and cellulite)
  • Minimize scarring, warts and moles
  • Boost your body’s immune system.

While grapeseed oil is less well known, it has properties that are similar to neem. Like neem, it’s cold-pressed from grape seeds, but has a fruity (grapey) aroma and soaks in quickly. It also helps:

  • Tighten skin
  • Minimize blemishes
  • Prevent bruising
  • And it’s high levels of Vitamin E help moisturize even very dry skin.

Sunflower oil contains multiple fatty acids that are vital for a healthy body — and healthy skin. It also contains high levels of Vitamin E and other antioxidants that help protect your skin from sun and other environmental toxins.

We use Neem Citrus Splash nearly every day, particularly now that temperatures are dropping. Just splash on after your shower to soothe even chronically dry skin, boost your body’s immune system and help alleviate minor aches.

We’ve chosen to use a very small concentration of a chemical fragrance because natural citrus scents may be phytotoxic in some situations, particularly in tropical climates like Key West.

Please let us know what you think! We think we haven’t gotten anywhere near as many great reviews as we should have!


6 reviews for Neem Citrus Splash

  1. Chris

    Love it! Use it every day.

  2. Joyce

    I love citrus, but this smells so bad that I cannot use it.

    • Vicki

      I’m sorry Joyce. Some people are very sensitive to the smell of neem and we can only use a limited amount of scent to cover it up. You can return the unused portion for a refund.

  3. ptyeah1

    I’m a little weird…I don’t mind the scent of neem. Maybe it’s because I use the oil as well as neem lotions everyday…it’s great for dry, sun marked skin! All that being said…I LOVE the Citrus Splash. I use it when I’m going out, instead of scented lotions or perfumes. I get all the benefit of Neem, plus the bonus of a fresh, clean scent!

  4. Ramani

    I liked the scent. Feels refreshed after every use.

  5. Stephanie

    while I don’t love its smell, I don’t loathe it either, and the benefits far outweigh the only slightly distasteful odor. Using sunscreen while outside is beneficial, but not foolproof, so slathering on neem oil after a day working outside is soothing and seems to counteract the damaging effects of the sun. Neem oil has also relieved my hot, dry and itchy feet when no other product has. If I had to compare the scent to anything, I’d say it’s almost like dill– I can live with that in a product that works so well.

  6. Andrea Coumarian

    It’s an interesting smell. Works well.

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