Pharmaceutical companies making neem?

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We got a really nice note from a lady in St. Petersburg this morning who had seen the story about Neem Tree Farms in the Tampa Bay Times last week and wanted to know if any pharmaceutical companies were making capsules with neem.

There are companies, including Neem Tree Farms, that manufacture neem capsules, but no pharmaceutical company does. It’s highly unlikely that they ever will. The problem is that we’re talking about major-league money like an average $2.5 billion to start — invested in a plant that grows so easily in the tropics that it’s taking over parts of the Sahara Desert.

To say that neem works as a drug, rather than what our government calls a “dietary supplement,” has become so complicated that some experts say that aspirin would never have been approved if it went through the process today. Part of the issue, of course, is safety. New drugs tend to have side effects that researchers didn’t expect and moving them through a clinical study is critical before people start taking them in large numbers.

We may not have a placebo-controlled and randomized studies for neem but we do have nearly 5,000 years of use backing up its safety when used as recommended. There are still more questions that I’d like answered — if I won a really big lottery — about the best form (leaf, bark, flower, root, oil) and a recommended dose for specific uses, but nearly 1,000 studies online at the National Institutes of Health Website at do a pretty good job documenting its efficacy.

And the good news is that neem does come in a capsule — meeting very stringent standards for cleanliness and contaminants and manufactured in pharmaceutical-grade facilities. When we first started growing neem, there was only one company making neem capsules. Now there are at least a dozen offering products that range widely in concentration and price.

You can learn more at or email me if you have specific questions!

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  • maccu1955

    I use neem, turmeric, curry. Ginger, &2 other natural ingredients..I put them in a capsule. The results of taking these amazing. I’ve seen several ppl take this,who were really, really compromised by different ailments..and they’re all getting healthy.

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