Product Highlight — Neem Charcoal Face Mask

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Product Highlight – Neem Charcoal Face Mask, BOGO for a limited time!

We decided it would be fun to combine our regular highlighted neem product with the monthly review selected randomly for a $100 gift certificate. (The raffle counts bad reviews too because it gives us a chance to respond and hopefully make that customer happy again!)

This month Beth writes:

“I love this neem charcoal. I also mixed some with water and found it to become more wet than when I added oil. But still I have tried it several ways and I really love how black it is. I feel like the chimney guy except that when it gets washed away, I am super cleansed. Very great for exfoliating especially when it is more wet. Thanks again for another great product!”

To which we would add – and be sure to warn your significant other before applying it. Vicki’s husband almost had a heart attack when he came around the corner into their bathroom and first saw her with wearing her neem charcoal face mask.

We’re not a trendy cosmetic company and seldom jump on bandwagons, but the charcoal craze has real benefits for skin, teeth and even bellies. Doctors have used it for centuries as a first resort in accidental poisonings and more recently for drug overdoses. That’s because it has a very rough surface that “adorbs” toxins. The larger molecules are more likely to be washed away with normal bodily wastes.

Of course, we would never recommend that use except under the care of a medical doctor in an emergency room, but the same principle applies to skin and teeth. With facial care (or body care if you use our neem charcoal soap), the charcoal soaks up the environmental toxins we can’t avoid so they easily wash away. That includes things like makeup and many moisturizers – read the ingredient lists for what you put on your face and you’ll see why it’s so important to wash them off!

Depending on the condition of your skin, you can mix the neem charcoal with either water or oil. The water blend is slightly drying for young skin and the oil soaks in deep and pulls out even deep deposits of dirt or makeup. Both blends are gentle exfoliants so your skin looks brighter and tighter.

Vicki mixes a small amount of charcoal in the palm of her hand with a splash of extra-rich neem lotion to get the best of both worlds. Using neem lotion with neem charcoal also results in a neem charcoal face mask that stays on your face for longer than the water blend but isn’t as hard to remove as the oil blend.

The benefits of charcoal in oral care are so compelling that even mainstream companies like Colgate have formulated toothpaste with it. We won’t go into the controversies over ingredients typically found in those products, but it was interesting to note that even their attorney-approved copy reads “whiter teeth and fresher breath.”

We make a Neem Charcoal Toothpowder with baking soda and diatomaceous earth but if you’re intrigued by the power of charcoal and can’t decide which product to try, check out the plain old neem charcoal powder. It’s super-black because it’s straight neem charcoal, but you can use it on either your skin or your teeth.

Click here for a BOGO link on the neem charcoal face mask and let us know what you think!

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