Bio-Activated Neem Charcoal

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Seriously, bio-activated neem powder — which is as black as it gets — is going to make your teeth whiter? Most of us were just as skeptical as you probably are, but we’re all firm believers in bio-activated neem charcoal now.

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It took the adventurists among us (Jerry and Meg) to persuade the rest of us to put bio-activated neem charcoal — which is a really black powder — in our mouths. They were so convincing, however, that even those of us who see dentists every three months decided to try it.

Now we all love it! The bio-activated neem charcoal “adsorbs” the biofilm that builds up on our teeth and gums so it rinses away easily and our mouths feel “fresh from the dentist.” Because it’s bio-bioactivated, just one gram of activated charcoal has a surface area of more than 32,000 square feet, leaving plenty of room for whatever biofilm your mouth has accumulated to soak into. And because it’s neem, it has all the properties you’ve known to grow and love in an all-natural product.

But unlike most neem products, it doesn’t have a bad taste so we’ve left it as a raw material instead of trying to make it smell or taste better.

For best results, put toothpaste on your brush and dip it in the charcoal. Brush well, then rinse well and SMILE :)

(Some people prefer coconut oil to toothpaste but that’s clearly a personal preference.)

It also works as a fast and easy bio-cleanser on your face. Put a dab in one palm, then add neem lotion, water, yogurt, mayonnaise or a fast-absorbing oil for an easy cleanser that leaves a visible difference.

Some people use bio-activated neem internally. This has NOT been tested (even among our adventurist staff) and is definitely not recommended. Charcoal intended for internal use should be purchased from a company that specializes in ingestible products.

INGREDIENTS: Bio-activated neem charcoal manufactured on our carbon-neutral farm.

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2 reviews for Bio-Activated Neem Charcoal

  1. yellowmm

    Great stuff!

  2. Melissa Tremblay

    Love its! its work the first tine i use it no more smoking stain !!

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