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It’s always challenging to decide which product we’re going to highlight each month, but one of our reviewers made Neem Salve Stick the obvious choice! Here’s what she had to say:

“WOW! What a nice change my face has been experiencing. I really love the way the stick applies to my face. Not only as a great solid moisturizer which lasts through the night and way into the next day, but also a great massage session for my face every night. It is a two in one experience. Many have mentioned the smell of the neem but really the healing that occurs nightly is way more important than getting fixated on the smell. It doesn’t actually smell that bad. I really like this stick and plan to continue using it for a long time.”

Honestly, I never thought of a neem salve stick as a massage session but it’s definitely one of my very favorite products — certainly one I use at least once or twice a day. That “neemy” scent means it’s safe to use around my eyes, which are no longer eligible for the eyelift surgery my ophthalmologist has been warning me about for years. And because it doesn’t have essential oils, I can use it on my face outside no matter how hot and sweaty I get.

Along with the amazing powers of neem, the beeswax we use to harden the salve stick is great for your face.  Rather than being absorbed, it sits on top of your skin as a layer of protection between it and everything that happens to it. It also seals in your skin’s natural moisturizers and even functions as a humectant, attracting moisture from the air.

During the winter, when the air is dry, I use it at least twice a day, underneath my Stream2Sea tinted sunscreen in the morning and then again after I  wash my face at night. If it’s really dry, I’ve been known to add a little more on the tip of my nose or my cheeks during the day.

In the summer, I use it at night and then just rinse my face with cold water in the morning. If I’m going to spend a long day in air-conditioning, I’ll put another layer of the Neem Salve Stick on under my sunscreen, but if I’m in the greenhouse, I’ll just use the sunscreen.

If you’d rather avoid the neemy scent, check out our Anti-Itch Salve Stick. It’s made with neem and beeswax but also includes essential oils of lavender, cedarwood and lemongrass. You’ll need to be more careful on broken skin and near your eyes, but it actually smells good!

For a limited time only, write BOGO in the comment section and we’ll send you two of these amazing products for the price of one.

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