Pruning Neem Trees


  1. Tommy

    I am going to purchase few neem tree saplings from your website. I have 2 questions.

    How far from my house should I plant neem tree ?

    If I prune my neem tree and keep it as 7 feet, will it’s root stay smaller and don’t push my home foundation ?

    1. Vicki

      Hi Tommy,

      Where are you located? We generally figure that 15 feet is a good separation from a home or sidewalk. I don’t think the roots will stay smaller if you keep the tree trimmed though.


  2. Protect your family and friends from falling branches over walkways, driveways, and children’s play areas. This practice also helps control pests, vermin, and snakes by reducing their habitat options.

  3. Pruning your neem trees can help promote healthy growth and increase yield. By removing dead or damaged branches and shaping the tree, you can ensure that it stays healthy and productive.

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