Neem Leaf Cream Rejuvenates Sun-Damaged Skin

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Clinical trials on bald rats and human skin cells show this new neem leaf cream can actually rejuvenate sun-damaged skin. (Learn more here.)


This amazing new anti-aging neem cream is based on a formula created by scientists in South Korea (with support from the Seoul Business Agency). Although most research on neem focuses on issues that make people seriously sick, this report published in in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology takes a look at an issue most of us are far more concerned about:


The full article is pay-walled, but a friend who writes for a national journal on dermatology was kind enough to “translate” it for us. (Learn more here.) It’s not just one action – it’s multiple actions at the cellular level that make this an amazing anti-aging cream. It’s one of the longest and most complex articles we’ve ever published, but if you’re concerned about how your skin looks as you age, it’s well worth the read.  It’s also particularly important because the scientists tried the same formulas on bald mice under sun lamps as well as human skin cells in test tubes — and saw the same amazing anti-aging results in both scenarios.

Instead of collagen breaking down at a faster rate with fewer cells being created — the collagen levels remained unchanged in rats and human skin cells even when exposed to extreme levels of sunlight. *  Collagen, of course, is the building block behind your skin, preventing it from sagging and creating wrinkles.

The scientists were generous enough to share their formulation with us, so we could test it in the real world.  Besides doing really great things for your skin at a cellular level, * it smells good, feels great going on and soaks in quickly.

Let us know what you think!

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, caprylic capric triglyceride, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl olivate, propanediol, neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf supercritical extract, rosemary supercritical extract.

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* These statements are based upon clinical reports but have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Neem Tree Farms does not sell products which are intended to diagnose, prevent, control or treat any disease, or kills or repels any pests, except as allowed by the NimBioSys registration when used on only on plants.



42 reviews for Neem Leaf Cream Rejuvenates Sun-Damaged Skin

  1. martycowdin

    Received Neem Leaf Cream a few weeks ago and very pleased with this luscious nongreasy cream. Feels wonderful on the skin and skin responding well. Thank you for your wonderful products.

  2. Linda Brownlow

    I’ve been using Neem Leaf Cream for about 3 weeks and it’s absolutely great! It’s non-greasy and absorbs well, leaving my skin soft.

  3. bunny.light11

    I have been using the Neem Leaf Cream for about 2 weeks. I thought it might be a tad odiferous… but, i was wrong. It smells great and feels great on my skin leaving it soft and happy :)

  4. boehmcpa

    I have a lot of sun damage and age spots. I used the Neem Leaf Cream on my face, hands and legs. After just a few weeks my age spots started to fade and my skin was smoother- I was amazed. The spots are still there but much lighter and I am hoping they will get lighter still.

  5. jodie

    I have used this cream for about 2 or 3 weeks and absolutely love it. I wash my face in the morning and put this cream on before my makeup. It’s soaks right in it is not greasy. And does not have any adverse effect on how I makeup stays on my skin. My face feels firmer and looks healthier.

  6. Barbara Domingues

    Have been using the cream for a few weeks now. I love being able to use one cream for my entire face as it is great as an eye cream as well. It feels wonderful on my skin and readily absorbs. I look forward to updating my review in six months to report on the improvements from sun damage that I am sure will occur. Love this product!

  7. Darlene

    I had a doctors appointment yesterday with my cardiologist. He walked into the room took one look at me and said gosh you look great. And this was at 8:15 in the morning. And all I did was wash out my eyes and put the creme on. How’s that for a recommendation?

  8. Barbara

    Nice creamy consistency. Nice feel. I gave this 4 stars only because I have been using for only 2 weeks and will wait to see the long-term effects others have mentioned. For now, I really like it and would order again.

  9. Gail

    This cream was a surprise too…especially being a goats milk face cream lover for many years. It goes on so smooth, absorbs quickly, and my old face loves it!!! I would & have told people I know about your wonderful products , hoping they will try too!! I have placed another order for both creams AND lotion…..try the creams folks, you will love it too!!!! Wahoo!!!!

  10. Jamie

    This cream is my favorite. In my 50’s and this neem leaf extract smooths literally overnight and evens out the tone. I use it morning and night with their neem oil cream. I use most of the products from this store ever since I discovered them and never saw a need to continue looking. This is the best.

  11. Linda Watkins

    I’ve been using this cream since before Christmas. After about six weeks, the age spots on my 70+ yr. old hands and face started to fade. I use it as soon as I wash my face in the morning, and again before bed at night. It absorbs quickly, so it doesn’t leave an oily film on my skin. I’ll continue to use it, and I recommend highly to others!

  12. poshposy

    I really like that it is non greasy, it makes my skin feel very soft and have noticed that the age spots on my hands are fading. I will continue to use it and see if it helps the wrinkles.

  13. sonimorale

    Wow, just an amazing product that cleared up the age spots on my face. I had tried other expensive products and non did the job in as little as the second day I was seeing the results in my face. The second day i put on the cream i was able to see the hydrating effect of putting on the neem cream the previous day and night. I love the product and will continue to buy it and use it as well as promoted. Thank you for offering us all wonderful healing product.

  14. John

    I worked out in the sun for over twenty years and have sun damaged skin. This skin cream really does improve the damaged skin on my face and arms and is causing spots to lighten and some smaller spots to disappear . Great product!

  15. Anel

    I have also worked out in the sun with no sunblock for 15 years which caused my skin to look like a dark mask (my eye area lighter because my sunglasses and hard hat) and the rest of my face really dark. As a woman it was very embarrassing! No amount of makeup could cover it. I’ve learned my lesson but the damage is still there. Until I started using this cream. My skin isn’t perfect but it’s much better now.

  16. Stephanie

    I’ve been using this cream for a couple months now and am about to reorder. I’ve been using “regular” neem cream and coconut oil moisturizer for several years now (and have been very happy with both) – but this is way better than both. I have sun damage and marks from ingrown hairs on my face…this seems to be slowly smoothing and blending them. And my skin feels smoother and firmer than it has in a while. I apply it as soon as I get out of the shower or wash my face and it instantly makes my skin feel better. Highly recommend this cream.

  17. Margaret

    I’ve been using Neem Leaf Cream and the neem soaps for some time. I’m 74 years old, and last summer a younger neighbor complimented me on my complexion and asked what I use. I took advantage of the December sales to buy a jar of the Cream to give her, along with a bar of the soap.

    • Vicki

      Thank you!

  18. sharon.weston11

    The first time I used this cream, my skin was so happy. It just made my face look so much brighter. I use it day and night, so I’m glad I bought 2 while it was on sale. I’m loving this so much I ordered many other Neem products. Wish I had started using this cream when I was much younger.

  19. bluestaryogaeliz

    Good cream , nourishing and well absorbed quickly .

  20. teresebradshaw

    Love this cream. Non-greasy. Leaves my 62 year old skin looking smooth and soft. I use with other skin products like Vit. C and various serums. Works well with all. Very happy with this product. Also very impressed with the customer service with this company. When I made a purchase of 3 creams, and was not given the discount (which I knew nothing about) I was called and told I could receive the discount or a refund. Happily took the discount.

  21. Kari Perkins

    I started using this cream every day at the end of February and I cannot stop saying great things about it. Works great under my other skin products. Can apply makeup right over it. I absorbs great and does not leave me feeling greasy like some other products I’ve tried. There’s also some old acne and sun damage scars on my face that I swear are fading and gradually becoming less noticable. Not gone, but definitly less there than before. This stuff actually is working!

  22. Tammy Brown

    Love this product. In several months I hope I will start to see improvements in the sun damaged areas. Until then I will continue to enjoy this perfect face cream. Hydrates yet soaks right in and is non shiny and non greasy. Took all redness out of my face and has made it look more smooth.

  23. Linda

    I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and love it. I add a drop of the facial serum to it before applying and it has made a huge difference to my poor winter skin! I will never be without these products.

  24. jsonika

    Really like this cream. I have been using it a few months now, didn’t see much improvement on the sun damage but my skin does feel more hydrated and moist without feeling greasy!

  25. vicric

    Neem Leaf Cream, for me, is a miracle ‘drug’. I’ve been using it now for several years, when it first appeared. It is a dream for my face, quickly absorbed, clearly nourishing, and doesn’t have the scent of most neem formulations. Without that scent, I can now recommend it to a male friend who has terrible scaling on his brow but is scent-too-sensitive. For myself, I’ve recently discovered that it’s the key to taming my own flaking body skin, one of the gifts of aging. Now I have a better gift to counter the body ‘dandruff’. I offer a deep bow of gratitude to Vicki and Meg for the brilliant work they do in pushing the neem envelope, with information and ever expanding formulations. And a final deep bow to nature’s gift of neem itself.

  26. xjanessaluna

    I love this cream, it’s so hard for me to find lotions that work because my skin is so dry, this one and the neem oil cream are life savers.

  27. Virginia

    Even my husband loves it. He was using a face lotion recommended by our dermatologist for years and once he tried this neem cream, he was hooked. No funny smell, not greasy, goes in fast, and he can see the difference himself.

  28. Stephanie

    My skin is radiant after using this skin cream for two weeks. It’s rich and smooth, doesn’t feel greasy and has a nice clean scent. I love it!

  29. yingoddess

    I really enjoy this cream. I have very sensitive skin and most products make me break out but not this! It feels luxurious and healthy going on— Love it!

  30. lilardh

    This is my favorite of all the neem products. It moisturizes all day long. I use it on my face, neck, chest, shoulders, arms & hands…. i would just bathe in it if i could! Lol
    …I am hoping that it saves my arms and hands from decades of sun as they are beginning to show sun spots.

  31. Jamie Choi

    I didn’t mean to give one star for this product since I haven’t received my order. I was very patient for about a month and now I’m so mad at this company’s customer service. I ordered several items and didn’t get this cream. Instead I got a tooth power that labeled as a neem leaf cream. I emailed 3 times already with a picture and haven’t heard back for a month. I saw others’ MAD reviews saying that they do not follow up;their horrible customer service. Now I totally understand why they were so mad. I like other products that I received, but with this worst experience ever in my life (seriously in my entire life), I wouldn’t order any items from this company.
    Neem Tree Farms!!! IF you (as a family) are too busy to respond to your customers, you should hire someone to do the job!!!

    • Vicki

      Hi Jamie,
      We can’t find an email from you in any of our folders or we would have responded immediately. We’ll get a jar of cream in the mail this afternoon.

  32. Pamela

    I have been using the regular neem cream and lotion for about 18 years now and they work wonders. I tried the Rejuvenating neem leaf cream for about 2 years now. It is a wonder cream. The lines in my fore head are all but gone, same with the crows feet around my eyes. I Still have a stubborn line between my eyes but I guess you cant have everything. I am just amazed at what this cream does. When I see someone I haven’t seen in a while I get (what is the magic you use. you look so much younger than you did before). That’s so nice to hear especially since I just hit 63 in September. I have to say Vicki sorry for not keeping in touch as much. With this damn nerve disease it’s gotten hard to even type so I do what I can. Please keep up the good work and I will always make sure you have my address. Thanks for the best cream ever…..My mother would have loved it but she passed in 2017. To many strokes……. Take care everyone and have a wonderful holiday season…… Much love Pam

    • Vicki

      Hi Pam,
      Thank you for posting! We love this cream too :)
      One crazy suggestion for the wrinkles between your eyes — put a piece of tape over them when you’re alone. It kind of crinkles when you bring your eyebrows together so it reminds you to quit scowling, like your mother always said. My sister calls it “Redneck Botox,” but I’m pretty sure you’ll see results within a month!

  33. peg mckenna

    This is the first time I’ve tried this cream. I will keep using it! It is absorbed quickly and there is no oily or creamy feel to my skin afterwards – just soft skin!

  34. Maria Fay

    When trying anything new I start with a tiny amount and slowly increase. After a few uses this cream did not agree with my skin. It also left what I would call a slight waxy feel on my skin. Not greasy but felt like it wasn’t being absorbed which I didn’t care for regardless of the final reaction. I don’t like having to rate a product by a 5 star rating but felt I needed to share my experience. A lesson learned that I should stick with buying from companies that allow returns for issues like this. Disappointed in myself for wasting precious money.

  35. Harmony Budd

    I have tried many facial moisturizers and creams – several far more expensive ones, but of everything I’ve tried this is my favorite. Light scent calming and very soothing to the skin. Only recommendation would be to have a pump version or if not users should know not dip finger in the tub to remove the cream as it can add bacteria -use a small spoon or scooper to remove the portion you will use. Lovely product and so grateful to have found it. Makes a wonderful gift!

  36. peg mckenna

    I love this company and this product. I recently bought this for my face but have started using it on my legs after I shower. There has been a lot of sun damage (wrinkles) right above the knee. It is awesome. Love the way it moisturizes my legs and face!

  37. peg mckenna

    Forgot to mention this in my review – added bonus – the May special on this product was a BOGO!

  38. Stephanie

    Love this face cream so much. It’s so creamy and refreshing; it has a light, pleasant scent, and best of all, my skin is glowing and healthy!

  39. jub9025

    Like silky feel and absorbs well on skin. It has slight neem smell to which I am sensitive. However it subsides and when I use my other usual scented products you cannot smell neem. New “age spot” or whatever it is?eczema, has subsided and is disappearing after just a few days

  40. chris-4320

    I have a very bad form of rosacea, and this is practically the only thing I have found the controls it. I am very pleased with it. I wish I understood the biology better but it works, and I will continue to use it.

  41. lilardh

    I have been using this cream for well over a year and still love it. It seems to soak in well and keep my skin soft and hydrated.

    I also send it to my daughter living in Hawaii in hopes it can offer her sun damaged skin some relief.

    I am thankful that NeemTreeFarm website includes so many research articles and links.

  42. kathy_15970

    I won’t stop ordering this product for obvious reasons. I only wished it came in a larger size because I use it on more than just my face and neck. I love the fact that it’s more than just a temporary solution so why wouldn’t I use all over?

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