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Some people can grow incredibly beautiful sandwich-sized tomatoes — but it’s a challenge for most of us.

Practically anyone with six square feet of relatively good soil, sunshine and a hose can grow Everglade tomatoes. They’re tiny tomatoes, even smaller than most cherries, but nearly everyone says they’re the best-tasting tomatoes they’ve ever tried.

And they’re practically weeds. In fact, they are in our yard. They pop up in places we would never plant them (think under a lime tree with thorns) and even in the ditch in the front yard.

Their province is questionable. Some people say they’re native to the Florida Everglades but we’ve never seen any proof of that. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were growing wild there. They “escape” pretty well and they can grow nearly anywhere.

The more likely story is that they’re the original tomatoes harvested by  hese supposedly grow wild in the Florida Everglades. Local gardeners refer to it as “wild tomato.” Some claimed it is native to the area but the more likely story is that it had “escaped” into the Everglades and naturalized to that environment. Wild ‘Everglades’ tomato is ideal for South Florida gardens. It produces fruit at any time of year, while most tomatoes require cool night time temperatures to set fruit.

1 review for Everglade tomato — FREE SEEDS with purchase only

  1. youfungyu

    Thank you for the free seeds! Just planted them a week ago, not sprout yet!

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