Fresh Neem Leaf from Florida

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The freshest leaf in the USA — unless you grow it and pick it yourself!




Neem trees love heat and rain, and they’re getting their happy on this summer. It does freeze well if, keeping its crispy texture for several months. It’s harvested in Florida the morning we ship it, please refrigerate or freeze when it is delivered.   Do not remove it from the paper bag because fresh neem leaf stays fresher in paper than plastic.

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7 reviews for Fresh Neem Leaf from Florida

  1. Sean


  2. gra_son

    It did take a long time for my order to ship, but I received a nice size order of neem leaves, which stayed fresh for several weeks in the fridge. At first I tried to eat the leaves fresh, but they are very bitter. I added the leaves to my morning smoothie each day. The smoothie was bitter, but with berries and honey, I really looked forward to the earthy flavor. I definitely notice an improvement in my skin. Healthier skin was a definite plus. The leaves have dried out after 4 weeks and I plan to make tea with what is left.

  3. quangnatalie2012

    It took exactly three business days for me to receive my neem leaves and plant I ordered and I could not be any happier with them. The neem leaves were still fresh when I took them out of the paper bags and the neem plant was absolutely packed with care and came out of the package nicely as what I expected. Now I just need to ensure not to over water it by lifting the three gallon pot to feel the weight every time before deciding whether it needs water. Also, I need to get the fish sauce fertilizer and feed the plant every other week. Hopefully the weather in San Diego , California will serve it well. Keeping fingers crossed!. I would highly recommend this Neem tree farm to everyone I know. This farm is rock and deserves a five star rating from me.

  4. dkmercado

    Great product that took only five business days to ship. I’m using the leaves for hair and skin oil, and they’re working wonderfully!

  5. siddharth_priolkar

    Shipped immediately. Leaves were of very good quality. I realized one pound of neem leaves is a lot. I needed it for medical reasons and it met my requirements !

  6. eidie_kelly

    fast shipping. Excellent customer service. Fantastic leaves. Will order again.

  7. Saurabh

    I am disappointed with the order. I don’t know what happened this time. I ordered for fresh leaves but most of the leaves are almost dry and withered. They don’t look fresh. Not happy. I can send the pictures if you want.

    • Vicki

      Please send photos and we’ll check the time between the order was shipped and you received it. We pick fresh leaf the morning before it is shipped just to make sure it’s at its best.

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