Using fresh neem leaf

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Neem Tree Farms sells both fresh neem leaf and dry neem leaf. Many healthcare practitioners and herbalists believe that the fresh neem leaf is more effective. Fresh neem leaf is picked and packed the same day so it arrives as fresh as possible. Please refrigerate or freeze as soon as you get it.

To brew a cup of tea with fresh neem leaf, place five fresh neem leaflets in a cup of very hot water, allow to cool, then sweeten to taste. Learn more about how to make the perfect tea with fresh neem leaves.

Fresh neem leaves also are used in Ayurveda to stop itching.¬† Fill a tub with the hottest water you can run, add a couple of handfuls of neem leaf, then wait for it to cool so that it’s comfortable to soak in. Most children report immediate relief from itching.

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