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Neem seeds are only viable for about 30 days after they’re harvested in mid-summer. They’ll be a little early this year, arriving in June instead of July, and we like to presell them so they get in the ground as quickly as possible. PLEASE NOTE: You will get an out-of-stock email but your order will be filled as soon as we have the seeds in our hands.


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Neem seeds are only viable f0r about 30 days after they’re harvested in mid-summer. Yes, we know other people are selling them year-round but it’s highly unlikely that they will sprout.

Important notice: please read “Growing Neem From Seeds” before you place your order. The single-most important issue is planting them immediately in appropriate soil mix. For best results, plan in advance so you can get the seeds in the right potting soil as soon as they arrive.

We cannot guarantee that neem seeds will sprout. We do our very best to get you the freshest seed possible from healthy neem trees, but you may want to consider buying neem sprouts once ours start coming up.


7 reviews for Fresh Neem Seeds

  1. Rajesh

    Date: 03/03/2014

    Received a packet of seeds as a bonus with an order or Neem Seedlings last summer. Neem is supposed ot be challenging to germinate, but I had a minimum 50% germination rate, more likely around 70%, which is a testament to how fresh and healthy the seeds that you get will be. The seeds were packed well and came with a card with growing and care instructions. Seeds go fast during the summer when they are in stock, so make sure to keep an eye out for them. I’ve got a bunch of healthy seedlings that I’m going to have to transplant into bigger pots soon!

  2. zen.archaeology

    I ordered 100 seeds and followed the instructions that came in the packet. After 2 weeks the sprouts started coming. Very high germination rate about 8/10 maybe slightly less. All the secondary leaves came very soon after sprouting. Everything looks good and healthy. I am very happy with purchase. I have been growing Moringa trees the past few years and I believe the Neem trees will compliment them well. Thank You!

  3. sky-dive

    Thank you for nice’n healthy seeds!

  4. parulga

    Ordered 100 seeds, and got a package that had much more. I got tired of counting, but I think it was about 150. Planted them in a perlite mix soil, and I’ve had about 70 seeds germinate in the subsequent two weeks. I’m very happy with this level of success.

    I pulled one out, and noticed that it has a very long taproot. Any advice or special care during transplantation, once they’re a little bigger?

    • Sherrie Henne

      We always try to overdo the seeds. They hard to count and I’d much rather talk to a happy customer than an unhappy one!

      We fill the pot with soil, wet it down well, then poke a piece of 1/2-inch PVC in it to make a nice solid hole to drop that long root it. As long as part of the seedling is above ground, it will be happy. They’re not fussy at all about the level they’re planted in, but they’re not like tomatoes and will root along the branch if it’s underground either.

  5. raindancer01

    Received my packet of 100 seeds (actually received over 100) and got at least a 50% germination rate after just 8-10 days. Now to baby them into trees.

  6. khilona11

    Have been doing business with Neem Tree Farms for over a decade, and that too from Arizona. This long distance relationship has been very rewarding thanks to Ms. Vicki Parsons and her wonderful team.

    The plants I got from the Neem Tree Farms are growing strong and I’m very appreciative of the help and customer services.

    Thanks Vicki!!

  7. Donnie

    I was worried that I’d have a hard time starting these, but as of now about 2 weeks after planting,im overflowing with been seedlings. Very very satisfied customer.

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