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Out of stock, probably for the year. Check back soon to see when we’ll have seedlings ready to ship.

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For the first time ever, we have enough fresh neem seeds from Senegal to sell them!

And this second batch has been certified as fresh and viable by the Senegalese government, which is working to promote neem as an industry. We got great germination on the first batch though. Along with the seeds that popped up as expected in 15 to 20 days, we’re still seeing little baby neem seeds poking their heads out of the soil after nearly five weeks. (Look carefully at the bottom of the photo and you can see them.)

We’re not sure on an exact date when they will arrive but we like to sell them in advance so we can ship them the day we get our hands on them.

Proceeds from the sale of these seeds will benefit the Senegal Neem Foundation, which is working with the government to help create a neem industry in Africa. As neem gets more and more popular, supplies in India are stretched thin, so we all benefit with new sources of neem.

These neem seeds are visibly better plants than what we’ve grown before — seeds we planted in December could easily be confused with other seedlings that were planted last July.

Neem trees growing in the Sahara Desert seem to be tougher than the well-cared-for trees in Mexico and India.

That’s probably because they came from trees that are growing in the Sahara Desert where they’ve been considered a “weed tree” until recently. The Mexican trees where our neem seeds had been coming from are carefully cultivated, and Indian trees are so valuable that it’s illegal to export viable seeds. The photo shows neem trees growing in Senegal — they have to be tough to handle that kind of sandy soil and no rain!

These neem seeds will ship from Florida so you don’t have to wait on an overseas package, but they do need to be sold quickly. They’re only viable for about 30 days after they’re harvested so they need to be in the ground ASAP.

Please read growing directions ( before the seeds arrive so that you’re ready for them when they get there.




10 reviews for Fresh Neem Seeds

  1. shashi55418

    Neem tree farms is excellent company for live plants & seeds. Vicki is very helpful either on phone or by email. I got neem seeds from neem tree farms & these are growing pretty quick. I was thinking it will take a month or more but these seeds started growing in a week. I am so surprised seeing them growing. I got seed from eBay, different states in USA but I was never successful, thanks Vicki providing us extremely good seeds!

  2. shashi55418

    One month back I got neem seedlings from neem tree farms, they are growing well, I have no complaint. This is my first success in growing neem Plant in USA. I am trying from years, so I am very happy. Vicki is excellent person helping customers a lot like me, thanks Vicki!

  3. Senthil

    We always had good experience with the Neem tree farm. we received the seeds within three days (across the US) in small amount of potting soil mixed (small Ziploc bag) in nice cushioned packaging. I didn’t count but probably about 25 seeds. planted in couple of days. sprouting already (seeing cracks on the soil) in a week time. I was worried with all the fires (bad air quality) going around. but temp at 90+ degree seem helped. Actually, I was waiting for “neem sprouts special” but saw these seeds and bought them right away. seem like a good bargain.

  4. Gurjot Kahlon

    Planted the seeds the day after they arrived. I live in the Bay area in California and have experienced an excellent germination rate. The seeds have sprouted within 7-10 days. I received 29 seeds and eleven have sprouted. Every day I am seeing one or two new sprouts and am sure in the end I will have a germination rate of around 80-90%. With Neem it is important to have fresh seeds and sow them ASAP in order to get good germination rate. Excellent seed quality. Thanks.

  5. cmf63

    bought the seeds on August 14th and planted them the same day. There were about 25 seeds in the bag, and now I have 20 4-5 inch plants. The folks at Neem Tree Farms are super easy to work with, and are very friendly and helpful.

  6. atuleakta

    Received my neem seeds on Sept 25th and planted right away… Seeds were packed with care. Excited to see the baby plants.

  7. Andrea Coumarian

    Trees Trees Everywhere! ~~[:0}

  8. surekha.naik01

    Received 24 seeds, 14 have sprouted in abot 3 weeks. Hoping to others will sprout soon. Satisfied with the service.

  9. Srilatha

    Planted 150 Neem seeds, been 10 days, not a single sprout yet, waiting and taking care of them babies

    • Vicki

      Please give them at least two weeks in the ground and then contact us. We’re getting more seeds soon.

  10. Srilatha

    Thank you, will keep you updated, right now there are five seeds with tiny sprouts as of July 3rd, hopefully other will sprout soon

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