Milkweed seeds

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We give away free milkweed seeds because monarch butterflies need milkweed to survive! It’s easy to grow and has attractive flowers — unless the monarch caterpillars eat them before they have a chance to bloom!


We give away milkweed seeds to help monarch butterflies survive. Their population in the US has plummeted with the use of “Round-Up Ready” GMO crops. Farmers can use herbicides indiscriminately, so they wipe out the milkweed plants that the monarch caterpillars must have. The good news is that milkweed is easy to grow and thrives in most areas of the country. Just ask for a pack of seeds with your order – and plant the seeds of survival for these beautiful bugs!

This is tropical milkweed seed (the only kind we can find in bulk and caterpillers keep eating ours to the ground). Floridians need to cut it back to the ground in October to discourage disease.

2 reviews for Milkweed seeds

  1. Chris

    Planted but haven’t come up yet. But, this is a terrific way to spread the word about butterflies in trouble.
    And a great action plan for accomplishing that goal and helping the butterflies as well.

  2. Lynn

    I planted the seeds and will wait for them to germinate. I love native plants, especially ones which attract and nurture pollinators. There already are many native plants in the garden, and watching the butterflies and bees gathering nectar and pollen is a complete joy when I’m out working in the garden.

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