Neem-Aloe Honey Oat Soap

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Neem-aloe soap with honey and oat,  neem leaf extract and super-fatted neem oil, has long been a top-selling product.

Of course, it’s all-natural and made using traditional soap-making processes. Learn more at or ask for a free sample with your order.

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7 reviews for Neem-Aloe Honey Oat Soap

  1. Susan

    My family has been using Neem soaps, including the Neem & Aloe soap, for several years,. I was impressed with the simple list of all natural ingredients. It cleans our skin without drying it out. Even in the winter our skin stays soft. We are so relieved that it is available again and happy that it is made in the USA. Susan

  2. glen

    Thank you for the speedy delivery of the tooth powder and free sample. We really appreciate it!

    The soap and toothpowder are both awesome!

  3. livingstonbc45

    I’ve been using the Neem soap for a few months as a facial bar only. In the meantime, I continued to use regular liquid soap for showering, and then after showering slathering on great quantities of body lotion to combat dry skin. Yeah. What can I say, sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake. I’m now using only Neem soap with aloe for everything, and the only bottle of body lotion I have is the Neem body lotion which I don’t really need to use all the much of although I love the smell of it and how well it makes my skin feel. The older I get the more by body seems to react to all the ingredients in beauty products. I’m now using Neem products exclusively – can I say ‘no more itching’?

  4. Kimberly

    The Neem soap I have been using for years and so do my children. My 2 daughters have little bumps all over their skin at times that you can’t see easily but you can feel them. When I gave them Neem soap to use all their bumps went away completely! They are so excited, no more cremes & dr. appointments, they just use the soap and no more bumps. With all the added toxins in the water these days it helps to have Neem that is all natural going into our pores instead of chemicals. The squeeky clean feeling is awesome too!

  5. zionseth

    I absolutely love this soap , I use it for body and face. My skin feels so clean and soft. I’m hooked on this soap, my body feels so happy when I use it. My body stayed very dry until I started using this soap, my skin looks like it has life back in it. I want to try each soap to find my favorite , I’m thinking it’s going to take a while the bars are big. Thank you for such a great product.

  6. Scott

    My wife has very sensitive and dry skin. The aloe neem soap is a miracle! Now a staple in our everyday life.

  7. sridevi vytla

    I love this soap, using this from last one year and I could feel the difference of my skin. Thank you for the great product.

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